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Concrete Products

(only available in Northern Ireland branches)

Moore Concrete manufacture a range of precast concrete products designed for use in the construction and civil engineering sectors.

 Manhole Rings
Manhole Rings are used mainly by contractors, landscape designers and in the agricultural industry. Manhole Rings are manufactured with tongue and groove joints and include lifting points for offloading.

The internal diameters of our rings are 900, 1050, 1200, 1350 and 1500mm.

Ring heights are available in 300, 600, 900 and 1200mm.

We also supply cover slabs and steel lids to suit as well as accessories including steps, silicone and sealer.

 Manhole Seating Slabs
The Seating Slab or Adjusting Unit is 850 x 850 x 75mm deep (600 x 600mm hole).


This is used to adjust the cast iron cover to the required level, thus eliminating the need to lay engineering bricks.


Road Gullies

Road Gullies are used for the effective management of waste water on site and are suitable for both heavy duty and domestic use.

We currently offer three types of road gullies to suit your drainage requirements; Trapped Road Gullies, Untrapped Road Gullies, and Silt Boxes.

Trapped Road Gullies (round) eliminate odours through the use of a water seal while Untrapped Road Gullies (square) and Silt Boxes (18" each side) are suitable for use in the collection of surface water.

The Silt Box comes with one hole tapped out, the remaining 3 can also be tapped out if required.

 BT Boxes
We are pleased to supply a Cable Box to BT specification which provides easy access for cable jointing and maintenance. 

This reinforced concrete unit eliminates the need for on-site building:

 - Contains cast in lifting points
 - Is easy to install
 - Multiple cable entry knockout points

J4 Junction Boxes can be used for a variety of infrastructure projects including roads, housing developments, railways and  airports.

Heads and Sills are supplied for a wide variety of building projects.

Sill types include;

 - Standard Sills for blockwork
 - Stooled Sills for brickwork
 - Timber Frame Sills
 - Corner Sills

Sills available in single course or two course. New 245mm wide “heat saving and improved balance” sill are also available.

 - Rough cast heads & padstones
 - Pre-stressed heads
 - Thresholds
 - Arched Heads



Road KerbsIncluded in our product range is a selection of Pressed Concrete Kerbs designed for heavy duty use such as road or driveway edging. 
We supply kerbs in both half-battered and bullnose styles. Quadrants and drop kerbs are also available.
Our Garden Kerbs come in 3 styles; square-topped, round-topped and splayed. 
They range from a small Garden Kerb only 6'' high right up to a large earth-retaining Dwarf Wall at 24'' high, with many sizes in between.


Dwarf Walls
Earth retaining Dwarf Walls are manufactured in a variety of heights up to and including 24”.




Chimney Copings 
Chimney Copings are manufactured to suit a wide variety of house styles. Our three main varieties are deep, picture frame and standard.  We also make non-standard Chimney Copings to suit your requirements.




Wall Copings
Saddleback (peaking up in middle)
Featheredge (sloping down from one side to the other).
Round Top

We also manufacture non-standard copings in a variety of styles.

Pillar Caps
Pyramidal shape pillar caps
Circular pillar caps
Decorative pillar caps
Featheredge (one slope) pillar caps
Pillar caps with exposed aggregate to suit stonework walls

Fence Posts
Fence Posts are available in a variety of standard sizes but can also be made to other lengths upon request.

100 x 100 x 1370 (4’6”)
100 x 100 x 2280 (7’6”)
125 x 125 x 2280 (7’6”)

125 x 125 x 1980 (6’6”)

Corner Posts and Strainers are also available.