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Natural Slates

Slate is a fine grained metamorphic stone that may be split into thin slabs or slates. It is waterproof, fireproof, resistant to weather extremes, and requires little or no maintenance. It is not surprising then that natural slates have been by far the most popular roof covering in Ireland for generations. The range comes from Tegral ThrutonePlus, Capco and Lagan, all offering our customers a wide selection of beautiful, yet durable natural slates.


Natural Slates Tegral has a long and distinguished history in the Irish slate market. Quarried at mines in Spain and North America, Tegral Natural Slates have been carefully selected for the Irish market and are backed by the Tegral unrivalled structural guarantees. All natural slates have a natural tonal variation which ensures that the unique rock characteristics of the individual slate enhance the overall aesthetic qualities of the building.

Tegral Natural Slates come in a range of sizes, the most popular being 500mm x 250mm and 600mm x 300mm. Each individual brand carries its own unique guarantee and all Tegral Natural Slates are tested in accordance with the relevant sections of BS 680 Part 2 1971 and IS EN 12326.

 Vil del Ray  Canadian Heather  Galante
Villar Del Rey: Distinctive smooth surface, fine grain and blue-grey colouring Canadian Heather: Finely textured, high quality slate in an attractive heather
Galante: Mid-grey colourwith an attractive textured finish
 Bretona  Torres  
Bretona: Mid-grey in colour with a course texture for a natural, rugged look Torres: Mid-grey colour with a lightly textured finish  

Lagan Building Solutions (LBS), offer a comprehensive range of high quality natural roofing materials.  In addition to supplying Bangor Blue Slate directly from their quarry in Wales they carry an extensive range of slate hand-picked from Spain, Brazil, North America and China. Whether restoring a traditional cottage or building a high end contemporary house LBS have a slate to suit both your needs and your budget.  All slates conform to BS EN12326:1 2014 and are W1, S1 T1.  

Bangor Blue Slate

Prized for their unique ‘heather blue’ colour, Bangor Blue Slates are unrivalled when it comes to quality and durability. With a proven lifespan measured in centuries, they are the ultimate in quality natural roofing slate.  Used for both heritage roofing projects and for high spec residential projects they are the only slate that appreciates in value over time; they can be taken down, redressed and reused after many years on a roof. 

Bangor Blue slates are available from LBS in a standard 500x300mm size in Celtic grade.  Other sizes and grades are available on request, including large format sizes.  Bangor Blue Slates come with a 100 year quarry backed guarantee. 


Spanish and Imported Slate

LBS Spanish Natural Tiles available at Haldane Fisher

LBS stock a comprehensive range of Spanish roofing slate in a range of grades, with sizes 500x250mm and 600x300mm being the most common.  Our Spanish Slate is hand-picked from a small number of quarries to ensure that quality and consistency are maintained.  Samples are available on request, as are references for completed roofs in your area.  All LBS slates guaranteed W1, S1, T1.   


LBS Del Duro available from Haldane Fisher

Del Duro

Quarried in the La Bana region the Del Duro is developing a reputation as an excellent slate.  Similar in appearance to a blue/grey Forna it is available in Ultra, Heavy and Mixed grades.


LBS Sierra Tile available from Haldane FisherSierra Prime

A popular choice that has been tried and tested in the harsh Irish climate the Sierra slate is blue/grey in colour and a smooth consistent slate that requires minimal grading.


LBS LeonLeon

One of the best slates LBS have come across the Leon has a characteristic longitudinal grain, subtle riven texture and blue/black colour.  A popular choice.


LBS Vigo Tiles available from Haldane FisherVigo

The Vigo is a blue/black slate with a textured surface.  Ideal for those wanting to create a more rustic, traditional finish.  A core part of the LBS range the Vigo is a popular choice.