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Andy Spence, Group AGA Manager, has been selling AGAs for 10 years. He has introduced literally hundreds of customers to the world of AGA and has watched how the cookers have evolved over the years. His knowledge of AGA is extensive, guiding customers through the buying process to ensure they choose the right product. He also conducts site surveys, liaises with architects and contractors and makes sure you and your AGA have settled in once your build is complete. Here, Andy gives us advice on navigating the many AGA options that are available.


The AGA has to be one of the most iconic kitchen appliances in the world.  A focal point for your kitchen that is as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. As suitable in a modern home as it is in a more traditional setting, modern-day AGAs still utilise the same heat retention concept that have made them so popular. Yet they have also moved with the times to introduce new models to meet current lifestyle demands.

Is an AGA for me?

For the uninitiated, an AGA is a cast iron stored-heat stove and cooker.  It is famous for its longevity, with cookers working perfectly for over 50 years – so you can see why it is considered a lifetime purchase. It also cooks food beautifully! I always advise customers who are considering buying an AGA that it is an investment, that it’s a different way of cooking, indeed, that it’s a way of life.

Which AGA?

Once you have made the decision that an AGA is for you, it is important to consider all your options carefully. Firstly, you have to look at your lifestyle and choose the AGA that is right for you. The traditional AGA is constantly on, meaning it is ready to cook with at any time while also providing that gentle background heat that it is so famous for.  This is perfect for a home where someone is generally there, such as those with a young family.

But AGA has evolved to meet the demands of modern day living.AGA Total Control

The Aga Intelligent Management Systems (AIMS) is the perfect addition for those who want the benefits of an AGA but want to avoid wasting energy when they are not home. Using this ‘intellingent controller’ means you can place the AGA in slumber mode when you are not at home but have it pre-set to heat up at a time when you need it.

Then there is the latest addition – AGA Total Control. It looks and feels like an AGA but works more like a conventional cooker, allowing the user to heat up the top plates and the oven individually, as and when it is needed.

Once you have decided on which one best suits you, then we can take a close look at the options available.

The Options

The beauty of an AGA is that you can adapt it to your needs. Here are some of the many choices -

Fuel – This is an increasingly important factor and you can choose from oil, gas and electric.

Ovens - You can choose the size of AGA that will best suit you. Select from a 2-oven, 3-oven or 4-oven options.

Module – You can add an independent cooker, known as a Module, choosing either a freestanding or integrated module. The freestanding option includes a conventional oven, fan oven and grill, as well as a ceramic or gas hob while the integrated version has the options but is attached to either  2-oven, 3-oven and four-oven models.

Colour – Select from 12 shades of standard colours ranging from cream and black to claret and British racing green, or opt for the likes of pistachio, aubergine or duck egg blue from the signature colours range.

 Claret Cream Duck Egg Green

These are all important areas to look at and, again, you should think about your needs now and in the future. The fuel options may be dependent on where the AGA will be situated. You should also give careful consideration to the addition of a Module, which allows you to switch off the AGA in the warmer months.


The ideal time to start thinking about installing an AGA is as early as possible in the design process. This will extend your options, particularly when it comes to delivering the correct flue options.

Flue design is of critical importance as 99% of problems with an AGA are caused by incorrect flue installation. With modern buildings, this has become more and more challenging but our experience means there isn’t a problem that we haven’t come across before.

But even if your project is in the more advanced stages, don’t panic. We realise that at the early stages of a project, thinking about your kitchen appliances is not necessarily high on the agenda but given the various AGA options available, this added flexibility means we can still find an AGA that is right for you.

The actual installation of the AGA takes place about a week before the kitchen is installed as, being cast iron, it can’t be in a damp atmosphere. This also avoids the potential of unintentional damage being caused by tradesmen, as many of them will already be off-site at this stage!

Complete Service

Haldane Fisher have AGA Shops in Bangor and Newry with dedicated AGA Centres in Portadown (Castle Street branch), Lisburn and Belfast (Ladas Drive branch) – all with working AGAs and expert staff on hand who will work with you to find the model that best suits you.

We provide a complete site survey to take the needs of the project into consideration before ordering your AGA. This is the perfect way to foresee any potential problems that may arise.

We have vast experience of working closely with architects and building contractors at every stage to ensure the AGA is first incorporated into the design and then delivered when it is required before being installed properly by an AGA expert.

Once you are settled in, we will show you how to get the most out of your AGA and as you start to use it, we are only a phone call away with any advice or guidance you may need.  We also run AGA demonstrations to help you learn the AGA way of cooking.

If you have a question or would like more information you can contact Andy on


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