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AGA Cooker Tips from Haldane Fisher

Haldane Fisher have special offers on AGA Cookers and AGA Cookware throughout the year.  Please see below for current offer available in our AGA Showrooms:


AGA Bespoke Colour Service

In celebration of the 95th Anniversary of the AGA cooker, AGA are launching a new Bespoke Colour Service which will be available from September 2017.

With 12 gorgeous colours already available to choose from, AGA Bespoke offers the chance to create a shade that you’ll love and which will be unique to you.

Every AGA cooker is made in the UK and is coated in gleaming, vitreous enamel, during a 3 day application process which gives them their distinctive look and ensures their longevity.

The process means that every new colour needs to be tested for stability and so, sadly, not every shade will be available – but there will be such an array of colours there’s sure to be one for everyone.

AGA Bespoke Colour Service available from Haldane Fisher AGA Shops

*T&C’s apply

To find out more about the AGA Bespoke Colour Service, please visit your local Haldane Fisher AGA Showroom or email


AGA Entry Level Special Offer

AGA 2 Oven Cooker available from Haldane FisherHaldane Fisher and AGA are delighted to offer a special promotion on 2-Oven 13-Amp AGA Cookers in Black or Cream only with Plinth for ONLY £6,795.  This promotional price includes delivery, installation and VAT and runs Saturday 31st March until Thursday 31st May 2018. This offer comes with a full one year guarantee and additional 4 years parts.

For an additional cost the customer may add an integrated module and/or enameled lids to this cooker.

*T&C’s apply

To find out more about the AGA Entry Level Special Offer, please visit your local Haldane Fisher AGA Showroom



Visit the AGA Shop in our NewryConlig (Bangor)Castle Street (Portadown)Lisburn, and Ladas Drive branches for great offers and value deals on AGA cookers and cookware.