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AGA Total Control

The AGA Total Control, the latest AGA innovation, is everything you would expect from an AGA cooker but much more besides. It has the iconic good looks you would expect from an AGA.  It enjoys the legendary cooking performance the AGA is renowned for - radiant cast iron cooking that is kind to food, locking in flavours so that AGA food always tastes better.  It can be used like the classic AGA so it is always on and ready to use, providing the gentle background heat synonymous with AGA.

But the AGA Total Control is so flexible it can adapt totally to your way of life.  It looks like an AGA, it performs like an AGA but the revolution is in what else it can do:

AGA Total Control

  • The AGA can be turned on and off as you need it.  With technology that means you can heat the whole cooker from cold in under an hour and a timer that means you can pre-programme that to happen, what's not to love?
  • Each oven and hotplate can be turned on and off independently of one another.  So you only need to turn on what you need for a particular meal and leave turned off what you don't.  If you aren't using the complete cooker, the heat up times are even quicker too.
  • If you want to take the chill off a cold kitchen in the early morning or winter evening, there is also a slumber mode that gives gentle heat into the kitchen without the whole appliance being turned on.  Not only is it an economic option but it also reduces your oven heat up times when you do come to cook.

The AGA Total Control is so adaptable, we know that anyone who buys one will be able to use it in whatever way suits them, their lifestyle and their family home.