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Hörmann Garage Doors: The Complete Guide

Garage door replacements are one of the most popular remodelling contracts, and here at Haldane Fisher, we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of “Hörmann Garage Doors” in Northern Ireland.

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Monday 1 October 2018

With over 75 years of experience, Hörmann are the no.1 garage door brand in Europe. A true promise of quality, we offer a 10-year warranty on all Hörmann doors.

With no shortage of variety, read on to see the selection of Hörmann Garage Doors available and which one is right for you.

The Up and Over Door

The original. This Hörmann Garage door is made from over 50 years of expertise. Convenient and secure, this robust door is available in either manual or automatic. Made with the best technology and manufacturing, this door has safety in mind with finger-trap protection and multiple springs in place so if one were to fail, the door will still work perfectly.

This door comes in a wide variety of styles to fit perfectly with your home. We also have two ranges:

  • The Hormann Series 2000 range – created exclusively for the UK market.
  • The Hormann Continental range – further collection of unique designs in framed retractable gear only

The Side-Sliding Door

For all special fitting requirements. This brand new door is ideal for garages with limited room. Sliding to the side, this maximises space by leaving the roof area entirely free for storage. With this bespoke design, the door can be fitted to almost any garage – even those with sloped roofs.

For maximum practicality, this door features the world’s first handle actuated, automatic wicket door function. What this means is that your door can be opened to any point, with the door opening just a bit you can access the garage much faster. So, for example, if all you are looking is your bike out of the garage, this greatly reduces waiting time.

The Sectional Door

For space-saving. Fitting to any garage opening, this elegant door opens upwards and is suspended under the ceiling to leave more space inside and in front of the garage, an advantageous feature for larger vehicles needing parked. This garage is particularly suitable for modern garage openings as the shape is not important – square or angled, this door can be fitted anywhere. With a weather resistant seal all-around that can fit to any shape, this door is the ultimate space-saver. Built in sensors means this door will retract before it hits anything obstructing it’s path – making it ideal for those with young children, keeping them safe.

The RollMatic Door

For safety-first. Opening vertically, this door requires minimal space and maximises space inside. Featuring a rubber lip, no matter the surface this door can seal to it. This door has safety in mind: when lowering, if it reaches an obstruction it will automatically retract, the door’s springs also have a plastic casing that prevents finger trapping. This door can be worked either manually or automatically – when on manual the door can be raised or lowered to any point and will not crash to the ground, even in a power failure.

This door is available in various colours to perfectly match your home in two different styles:

  • RollMatic OD Horizontal Door: A NEW style of door, this modern style is perfect for any location, even narrow and tight spaces.
  • RollMatic Garage Doors: This door provides plenty of space outside and within, leaving the roof area free for storage.

So no matter what your personal style or shape of garage opening is, Haldane Fisher have the perfect door for you. For more information, visit our 'Hormann Garage Door' section or call us on 028 3889 7400.