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The AGA Cooker Guide: All You Need to Know

No other kitchen appliance has proven to have the longevity and reliability of an AGA cooker. Made of cast iron that radiates heat evenly and consistently, an AGA cooker cooks food perfectly every time. With nearly 100 years experience, each AGA cooker is held to high standards and is widely recognised as an appliance of quality.

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Monday 22 October 2018

While the manufacturing process of AGA has remained the same throughout the years, AGA has adapted for every living situation and requirement, meaning there is a perfect AGA out there for everyone.

In this article we’re going to have an in-depth look at each type of AGA, their benefits and everything you need to know!

First up is the AGA 60. This is perhaps the best example of how AGA have adapted for the city-dweller. This compact AGA is just 60cm wide, making it ideal for small and compact kitchens. The style of this AGA is also adaptable, you can opt for a traditional look or go for a contemporary vibe.

The AGA Dual Control has a discrete control panel that allows you more control over your AGA. This move towards reduced running costs presents an AGA with hot plates that can be turned on and off independently. In a move away from traditional power also, this AGA can be ran by electric, further allowing you to save on costs.

If you are looking even more control over your AGA, the AGA Total Control could be the way to go. This is the first AGA that can be turned on and off when you need it (the AGA iTotal Control can even be turned on and off by smartphone). The AGA heats in under an hour so you can programme it to start when you need it.

AGAs come in a variety of sizes to fit all your needs. The smallest is the 2 Oven AGA which features a roasting oven for grilling, baking and roasting, as well as a simmering oven for simmering and slow-cooking. This AGA is available in 12 colours and can be powered by whatever source works best for you: gas, electric or oil.

If you need something more than 2 ovens, you can then opt for the 3 Oven AGA which can be run off gas or electric but has an added baking oven.

The 4 Oven AGA still has all the same features but you can now have a warming oven also.

Finally, the 5 Oven AGA also gives you a slow-cooking oven. This crown of the kitchen is made for large families or just the enthusiastic cook.

No matter what size of AGA you choose, you always have the option for upgrading through the purchase of an individual module. An individual module can be purchased at the same time as your AGA and either attached to it or situated anywhere else in the kitchen.

A topic often discussed is the running cost of an AGA, however as this guide has shown, AGA are rapidly reducing their running costs by manufacturing AGAs that can be turned on and off and feature ovens that can be worked independently of each other. However, another factor to consider when looking at costs is the many other uses of an AGA. Due to the fact an AGA is constantly emitting steady heat, your kitchen is always kept warm, meaning you don’t need your heating turned on in your kitchen or surrounding rooms, saving on heating costs. The AGA also removes the need for using other kitchen appliances since it doubles as a toaster, electric kettle, bread-maker and even a tumble drier!

The purchase of an AGA is not like the purchase of any other oven. AGAs last for decades, not years – this is not just an investment for yourself but for generations to come. Any AGA owner will rave about the benefits they have experienced from their AGA, the superior taste of their food and the surprising amount they can do with their AGA.

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