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Interior Door Inspiration

Sliding doors. Folding doors. Hinged doors. Your choices are abounding. Just as you’ve finished building the exterior of your house, you now have an interior to think about. So before you get started, you might like some inspiration for your doors. Here at Haldane Fisher, we provide a wide range of internal doors and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your home.

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Monday 29 October 2018

Last month we had a blog post on Hörmann Garage Doors, but did you know they manufacture internal doors also? Providing doors in both steel and timber, there are a wide variety of finishes to choose from: white oak, grey oak, wild oak, fire oak, beech and white lacquer to name just a few. Hörmann can also fit your door to how you desire it to look: including with concealed hinges. Additional designs include raised and fielded doors and design lines, as well as cut out glass panels.

Clear Pine doors give a traditional look to a home and can be installed with 4 panels, 6 panels or glazed glass inserts. They are also waxed, varnished, and ideal for painting to whichever colour you desire for your home. At 40mm thick, these doors provide excellent fire safety also.

Hardwood doors are also a good fire safety option and a popular choice in many homes. They come in a wide variety of looks with glass panels and raised and fielded panel doors. With options of how many panels, their designs, and clear or frosted glass, this door gives you lots to consider.

A cost effective and practical option that many opt for is the white moulded door. Now with an increased range of panel designs and options, this classic door can be the perfect fit for your home. Alternatively, we also provide solid white primed doors. These durable doors still come in the range of panelled options and safety glass options but primed white either as a finished coat or a base coat, allowing you to paint to match a colour theme within your home.

If you’re looking a more unique look, the solid core doors could be the way to go. Options for finishes include charcoal, ebony, walnut, white oak and more – you can even have a mix of finishes. These doors are made from real veneers engineered into a consistent grain, meaning there are variations in doors and yours will be completely unique, no two are the same!

So far, this article has been offering a variety of panelled doors, however we also provide flush doors which have plain fronts. These doors are highly practical, being much heavier they provide sound proofing, excellent fire safety and insulation. There are a variety of finishes which include white oak, ash and sepele; these doors have a perfectly flush surfaces – hence their name. Economical and low maintenance, this could be the door type for you.

A final option for you to consider is our internal laminate doors which are having a resurgence in popularity. These doors are good in industrial buildings due to their high resilience and often used in areas of high levels of hygiene due to the fact they can be wiped clean and strong cleaning products will not damage the surface of the door. Haldane Fisher’s laminate doors are an environmentally friendly choice as they are manufactured using a tree cycle program. Available in grey, ivory and walnut colours, laminate doors guarantee no fading of colour over time.

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from! From material, to finish, design and colour, we like to provide a range of options. So, have a look at your home and consider which door best fits your interior style. Still not sure? Why not speak to one of our experts on internal doors. You can discuss your interior goals and the budget you have to work with. Have a look at our contact page to find your local Haldane Fisher branch.