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How to choose the right timber?

Used for trusses, fencing, decking and so many other projects, timber is a key product in our business. Haldane Fisher have decades of experience and have an excellent reputation as a supplier of timber, however, how do you choose which timber is right for your project?

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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Haldane Fisher can provide you with Engineered Timber, which is used for roof trusses and made to the highest standard – CE Quality Approved and Quality Control to British Standards.

Our Machined Timber is used for door frames and skirting. Made to suit your specifications, we use both softwood and hardwood. For our hardwood products we typically use American White Oak or Sapele (Mahogany) but we have a selection of other options upon request. We also have two specific types of timber for our softwood also: the aesthetically pleasing Redwood for visible articles and Whitewood for concealed articles or ones that can be painted.

Construction Timber is extremely versatile, covering whatever areas you require. As always, this timber is produced to high standards and strength graded to meet safety requirements. Each length of timber is sawn to exact measurements and kiln dried to ensure correct moisture content, thereby prolonging the life and performance of the timber.

There are other factors that need to be considered before choosing your timber also:

  • Where is your timber going to be located? Indoor wood can be more varied; both hardwood and softwood can be used. Hardwood being more appropriate for structural features such as stairs, and softwood working best for furniture such as cupboards. However, if your timber is going to be located outdoors it may need to be chemically treated to prevent rot – although some types of wood have a higher level of natural resistance to the elements than others.
  • If your timber is going to be in direct sunlight or in contact with the ground, measures will need to be taken to give water resistance and UV protection.

The factors you need to take into consideration before purchasing your timber include: location, durability, aesthetics, and of course: price.

If you have any more questions on timber or want expert help on choosing the right timber, call into your local Haldane Fisher store or give us a call on 028 3833 7321.