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3 Easy Ways to Bring Light Into Your Home with Velux

Mood-boosting and aesthetically pleasing, roof lights are a great home addition. Creating a focal point both indoors and for the exterior of your home, there are many different options to choose from. Today on the blog we’re going to take a look at Velux roof lights and how the extra daylight flooding in can transform your home.

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Monday 25 March 2019

1.) Our best-selling Velux roof light is the CENTRE PIVOT. This option provides a high level of practicality, for as the name suggests: rather than opening from the top or bottom, the window operates on a centre-pivot, allowing fresh air to access the house from both ends of the pane of glass. This window is installed with a top control bar that will allow you to open the window easily, even if there is furniture below. A built in ventilation flap also allows you to let fresh air in during the night or when you are out without having to worry about security or bad weather.

2.) Your second option from Velux is the TOP HUNG roof light. This is the perfect choice for easy to reach windows and loft conversions. Opened by using a bottom handle, this window opens right out to maximise the light entering your home.

3.) Our third suggestion from Velux is the VELUX INTEGRA electric and solar powered roof windows. This is the ultimate choice for comfort: with just the flick of a switch, you can control windows, blinds and shutters. This choice is excellent for security as you can close all your windows at once, and the built in rain sensor closes your windows so there is no risk of rain entering. This is also the perfect option for windows that are too high for ease of use.

Of course, no installation is complete without accessories. Velux provides a host of blind options: from blackout blinds, to ventilation blinds - and even Star Wars and Disney themed blinds for your little ones!

Aside from the aforementioned aesthetics, a roof light can provide your home with other, more practical, benefits. Roof lights allow a natural way to control temperature within your home: as heat rises, the windows provide excellent insulation with their low-emissivity glass. You are able to keep your home warm during the Winter, while opening the window during the Summer months will allow improved ventilation and a breeze to lower the temperature.

Considering the often high placement of roof lights, they are designed to be easily maintained and easy to clean. The glass itself has the option of being installed clear or frosted.

One of the top benefits that comes with roof lights is the increased sunlight into your home and what this means for you. When your home is flooded with natural light it is proven to increase productivity, boost your mood and promote a better night’s sleep. Having more light in your home will also reduce your reliance on electricity - this means less expenditures on electricity bills.

Whatever style you go for, the excellent range here at HALDANE-FISHER means we can satisfy your needs no matter what your budget is.

If you’re curious to find out more, why not call into your local Haldane Fisher to speak to one of our experts. We are more than happy to show you our variety of roof light options and to advice you on which one is most appropriate for your premise.

Throughout April and May 2019, Haldane Fisher have a great offer to accompany Velux roof window purchases. You can get £40 of rewards every time you buy a Velux roof window - all you have to do is log in on and upload your proof of purchase to get your reward!

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