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Choosing the Right Patio Doors

With the better weather approaching, there seems like no better time to contemplate renovating those aspects of our home that get particular use over this sunny period. Gardens that haven’t seen you all winter deserve new care and attention, the perfect time has come for getting that decking you’ve always wanted and of course, it’s time to look at those patio doors.

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Wednesday 13 February 2019

If your garden is somewhere you are particularly proud of and somewhere you spend a lot of time, it makes sense to make it easily accessible and to have a good view of it. Patio doors do just this: opening up your house to the outdoors, they are a beautiful addition to a home any time of year.

In this article we’re not only going to be looking at some of the types of patio doors we can offer you here at Haldane Fisher, we’re also going to be having a look at the benefits of patio doors and why, if you haven’t got them already, you should consider getting them installed this Spring.

Primarily, patio doors are a great instalment in any home due to the value they add to the property. If you are ever considering selling your home, having added patio doors will certainly have increased the price of your property.

Before we look further into the benefits of patio doors, let’s take a look at the options that we can provide you with here at Haldane Fisher:

We are able to provide you with exterior folding doors that are available in both stained hardwood or painted softwood. All of our hardwood doors are reassuringly solid, manufactured to a sturdy 54mm. These doors come with a satin steel finish for handles and bolts, as well as a 5 point locking system for improved security. The bottom runner of our exterior doors are drained to prevent build up of debris that may prevent smooth running. With double-glazed, low-emissivity glass coming as standard, you can be guaranteed increased thermal insulation. If you are looking an alternative to sliding patio doors, we can also supply you with French doors. Our French doors are available in stained hardwood and also feature double glazed, low-emissivity glass. There are a range of colour finishes for any of our doors, allowing them to perfectly match your home. Both our folding and French doors are manufactured to the same standard as our impressive solid oak doors, with all components supplied pre-drilled for quick and easy installation. Our oak doors are supplied unfinished, allowing you to apply a coat that matches your home’s colour scheme. We are also able to provide softwood folding doors. These doors are manufactured using responsibly sourced FSC certified material. The softwood doors come with the same 5 point security locking system and satin chrome finish as the hardwood doors. Additionally, our VuFold doors are an incredibly versatile choice for any home. These doors are reversible, meaning you can have them installed to open from either the right or the left.

Adding value to your property and incredibly versatile, what other reasons are there to install patio doors in your home? Further to the added value they bring to your home - patio doors are a stunning addition to a property. No longer are patio doors insecure and plasticky - our patio doors are manufactured to the highest standard. Created to be a sturdy 54mm thick and with a 5 point locking system, these doors are just as reliable and safe as any other door in your house and are a beautiful focal point.

Opening up your home to the views outdoors, be prepared to enjoy the sunsets of Summer and the snowfall of Winter. This opening up to the outdoors is also ideal for gatherings. Making the most of your space, allow your garden and home to open unto each other, maximising space and allowing guests to easily move from one space to another.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of patio doors asides from aesthetics are the long term savings. Patio doors are able to help you save money by decreasing your energy bills. Our doors are highly insulated, keeping your home warm during the Winter and when opened, providing a fresh and cooling breeze in the Summer. Patio doors will flood your home with natural light, allowing you to be less dependent on using electric to light your home.

The range of doors we can provide you with here at Haldane Fisher has been rapidly growing, and as a result we have opened up a “Door Studio”. Our largest door studios can be found in Newry, Bangor, Lisburn, and at Castle Street Portadown - each having over 40 doors on display! You can find smaller (but still well-stocked!) door studios in Ballymena, Coleraine, Ladas Drive (Belfast), Balmoral (Belfast), Larne and Enniskillen.

We would love for you to call into one of our Door Studios to see what we have on offer. Our trained experts are always keeping on top of the latest trends and know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to doors. So whether you’re just looking to browse, or have a few questions on what style of door is right for you home, call in to your local Haldane Fisher, we would love to help!