Choosing The Right Bathroom Cabinet

Choosing The Right Bathroom Cabinet

Similarly, bathroom cabinets are a fantastic feature and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the size and style of any bathroom.  When it comes to deciding on fitting a bathroom cabinet, just like any bathroom furniture there are a number of factors you must first decide on. Not just any type of cabinet can be placed in a bathroom, but you will require one that is specifically designed for that room and won’t be damaged by water or steam (which are common in bathrooms!). Cabinets that are specifically designed for bathrooms often come with a guarantee that will protect them when it comes to such damage in the bathroom. There are a few other features and factors you should consider when choosing the right bathroom cabinet, and we are going to look at them in this month’s blog.


One of the first things you should consider when looking at bathroom cabinets is size. Namely, the size of your bathroom versus the size of your ideal cabinet. Any cabinet with decent storage space will have ample depth, and therefore sit out from the wall quite a bit. Whether you choose a wall mounted cabinet or a free-standing one, this will not change. Therefore, consider carefully the size of your bathroom and how wide you can afford to go with a cabinet without it looking out of place. A small bathroom with a huge cabinet will start to look cramped and overcrowded, so choose wisely. For bathrooms that are not very large, the best option is often a slim but tall cabinet which takes up less room across the wall but reaches a good height and still offers great storage.


Of course, another factor that will contribute towards the size you choose, will be the primary function you plan on giving your cabinet. Will your cabinet largely be a decorative feature and used for storing very few things? In that case, a small corner cabinet may be the choice for you. If you would like to maximise your use of space, you can opt to combine your mirror and cabinet by fitting a mirrored cabinet. A mirrored cabinet will be hung on the wall and you can even purchase options that have LED lighting fitted, making this the perfect place to not only store bathroom essentials, but also to apply makeup and shave each morning in the perfect lighting. However, if you have a rather large bathroom and would like to store more than just toothbrushes and medicines bottles in your cabinet, you could choose a large freestanding cabinet that can fit larger bathroom items such as towels.


Arguably, one of the most important factors when considering your bathroom cabinet though, is which style you are going for. Every home has its own unique style and everyone wants their bathroom furniture to cater to their own taste. As mentioned above, some cabinets can be wall-hung, while others can be free-standing. Some can come mirrored and with LED lights, or you can choose other finishes such as wooden cabinets. It’s best to choose a cabinet that has a similar finish to the rest of your bathroom so it ties in with it’s surroundings and compliments the room. If your cabinet has handles (as some do not!), why not match the finish on the handles to that of your bathroom taps so everything ties in together. Although, whether your cabinet has handles or not, do always take into consideration the direction of the door swing and whether it will cause an obstruction, or whether there is already an obstruction that will cause the door to be unable to fully open.

Choosing the right bathroom cabinet can be tricky, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Ultimately a cabinet is all about storage, however when you have chosen the final option to be fitted, more often than not it is aesthetics that are the primary thought. Of course, this is totally normal – why shouldn’t aesthetics be to the fore of your mind: this is a purchase that you will have to look at every time you enter your bathroom, one of the most used rooms in the home. So, take your time and choose an option that fits your budget, fits your storage needs and fits your style.

Local Haldane Fisher Branch 

When you visit your local Haldane Fisher branch, you can see a huge selection of bathroom cabinets in person. You can open and close them to see if you like the swing of the door, or the texture of the finish. You can also test any LED lights to see if this is a feature you would like to make use of. Our instore experts will also be there to answer any questions you may have about cabinets, their fitting, or any of our other products.



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