A family bathroom is a bathroom that is designed for use by any family member who does not have the luxury of their own en-suite connected to their bedroom.  Most houses have a family shared bathroom and generally it is used by everyone no matter their gender, age or position within the family.  Here we have put together some helpful tips to help make the most of your room and make your mornings as easy as possible.

Be clever with your layout and maximise every inch of space within your room.  A well planned and thought out design will allow for storage, floor space and adequate bathing areas.  A small well planned, expertly designed bathroom can be more effective and attractive than a large badly planned and designed room. 

Make your bathroom accessible for all the family.  If you have small children who love the bath but you want a shower then combine the two and go for a show shopping bath with shower overhead.  You have a huge selection of showering baths, freestanding baths, and straight baths to choose from and then you can add a shower screen and shower valve.  If you have younger children you may want to consider a folding bath-screen so it’s easily tucked out of the way when not in use.

Even if the entire family share the one bathroom it is still a place for relaxing and unwinding so try to remember that when it comes to decorating.  Just because the children bathe in the room does not mean you need to decorate it as you would a child’s room.  Keep it clean and simple, neutral colours work best in a shared location that you can then add a splash of colour with your accessories and towels.  The bathroom still needs to remain a place of sanctuary even though it can be chaotic at times.

Heating within the bathroom is an important factor to consider when planning your space and particularly important when it’s a family shared bathroom.  Heated towel rails are very popular now but be sure to check what heat output you require for the size of your room by chatting to an expert.  Adding towels to dry on these rails can absorb heat from the room as well.  Underfloor heating is a fantastic option for family bathrooms as it can heat your room, heat little toes and added with a heated towel rail your room is sure to be lovely and cosy.

Consider what storage you will need in your room.  Whether there are 3 people or 10 people sharing your bathroom, storage is a must.  Ideally when designing your room you can incorporate vanity units with the basins, additional wall hung storage, toilet units etc.  Giving each family member a space to keep their own toiletries will be essential to help keep the peace and a calm environment among children/teenagers.  If you don’t have the room for built in storage then why not try a kitchen caddy with drawers and allocate a drawer per person.  These caddy’s are also handy for storing rolled up towels, they come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles.

When selecting items for your bathroom note that this will be one of the most used rooms in the house.  It’s a room that’s essential to everyone and will be used by every one every day.  Look for items and finishes that are low maintenance and durable.  Pick items that will still look good in years to come and that require very little maintaining.