Lightening your bathroom is a great way to give the illusion of more space along with a feeling of freshness. There are many different ways you can lighten your current bathroom and here we discuss a few.  Lighting in your bathroom is really important as this is a space where you get ready and bath your kids.  You want to create an illuminous space that’s calming and relaxing.

One of the easiest things you can do to brighten your bathroom is to change your lightbulbs.  Look for ‘cool white’ or ‘bright white’ in colour and these will eliminate shadows and offer a bright light.   

Look at your window area and redress.  Do you really need a blind?  Many bathroom windows have opaque or frosted glass and therefor you may not need blinds or shades for privacy reasons leaving you free to remove them and optimize your natural light that streams through.

Think of introducing reflective surfaces in your bathroom to help reflect the light and brighten your room.  This is a great way to bounce light around your room and create a brighter look.  When adding a mirror to your room you also have the option of adding lights to the mirror.  These can be very effective in helping to create ambient lighting as most illuminated mirrors allow you to choose from cool white or warm white light.  Cool white is great throughout the day to maximise light but when you want to relax and unwind having the option to switch to warm white is a help in creating that relaxing environment.

Look at your wall coverings.  Do you have dark colours on your wall?  Why not refresh and repaint and opt for light colours.  Painting your room is quick and easy.  As painting your room doesn’t have to cost a lot you can brighten your room even on a budget.  Painting makeovers are so popular for a quick transformation.  Bare in mind that a paint with a glossy sheen will help to reflect the light around your room.

Believe it or not adding plants to your room can really freshen the space and give the illusion of a lighter room.  Plants add texture and colour to your room and will bring the calming quality of nature indoors.  Be sure to select a plant that will thrive in a humid environment, The Pothos, The Snake Plant and The Monstera are good options to consider for your bathroom.

A room can feel more chaotic when you have clutter sitting visible and can take away from the airy light space you are trying to create.  Try to eliminate what you have on display and invest in some storage boxes to hide your jars and bottles away out of sight.  This will allow any natural light you have to flow throughout your room and not highlight your clutter.

It’s not hard to brighten an existing vanity unit, research the type of wood and then recover.  Ensure you prep and prime correctly to suit the humid environment and then paint it a light colour.  This will transform your room in a flash and your room will instantly feel transformed.

If you are in the position to be replacing items in your room then look at white fixings.  White porcelain will bounce light off and is instantly bright, fresh and light. 

Sticking to bright, light and neutral colours along with optimizing your current natural light will help to lighten your bathroom.  The sky’s the limit.