Euro 2021 Last Man Standing Competition

Euro 2021 Last Man Standing Competition

Enter Plumbmasters Euro 2021 Last Man Standing Competition in support of our Charity of the Year, Addiction NI.

Donate £10 to enter at your local Plumbmaster Trade Counter. 

Entries close at 4pm on the 11th June. 

The total prize figure will be announced on Monday 14th June (50% of the combined total entry free).

Rules outlined below:

  • Donate £10 to enter. Must be paid by Friday 11th June at your local branch.

  • Either a Team Win or Draw must be chosen for all 36 group games. 1 point is allocated for a correct Win & 3 points are allocated if you chose a Draw and it is correct.

  • The first twelve games are outlined on the registration sheet. The next 24 games will be sent via text before the start of the next Match Day.

  • The top 50% of the League will go through to pick the Last 16 Games. NB: The first-round total will carry over to the next round.

  • The top 50% will then go through to choose the Quarter Final Games (again, all points will carry across).

  • Top 50% again will then choose Semi-Final & Final Points (again, all points will carry across).

  • Please note, the top 50% will always include everyone sitting on the 50% cut-off point.

  • In the Semi Final & Final round you get the chance to choose between:

             Win = 1 point

             Draw = 3 points

             Correct Score= 3 points

  • All matches from the Last 16, Quarter Finals, Semi-Final and Final will be over 90 minutes. Extra time not included.

  • The winner will be the person/s with the highest overall score.

  • Total prize figure announced Monday 14th June.

  • Winner/s announced week beginning 12th July (50% of combined total entry fee.)