Garden Trends for 2021

Garden Trends for 2021

For some people, the garden can lie unused all year round, while for others it lies in wait for summer days and barbeques. For others yet again, their garden is a sanctuary that they love to spend time in all year round. During the course of 2020, gardening proved to be a hobby that many people chose to take up when they were confined to the limits of their home. As a result, it is a newfound passion in many and one that is proving to last into 2021 also.

Due to the fact so many people are showing new interest in their garden, we’ve been considering some of the top requests and queries we’ve been receiving and using them to predict the top garden trends we can expect to see in 2021.


Many consumers have been purchasing local during the pandemic, not only because there have been restrictions to go further afield, but to support local businesses that have been struggling. When it comes to fresh produce though, a lot of people have been staying even closer to home – by planting vegetables in their own garden! There are all sorts of vegetables that can grow in the soil in Northern Ireland, and there is no better feeling than knowing the food on your plate was grown in your very own garden. We think that more and more people will continue with this trend in 2021 as people discover the joys of growing their own veg!


Perhaps for those of us that live in the countryside, having a small garden to tend to has been no new venture. However, if you live in a town or city, having access to a garden can be a real luxury. There are all sorts of creative ways to get around this hinderance though, especially if you have a balcony or roof access. All over the country, balconies have become noticeably greener with hanging baskets and small flower boxes. It is easy to tailor your little ‘garden’ to whatever size you have to work with, and it’s proven that working with plants can boost your mood!


Have you hopped on the trend of adding outdoor furniture to your garden? More homeware and furniture stores are beginning to sell furniture specifically for your garden. Not just your standard BBQ and chairs set, but luxurious and comfortable chairs that can be used to lounge in when the sun is out and to sit and have a cup of tea on and read a book.


Gardening hasn’t just been an opportunity for the novice to take on outdoors, it has also spurred on experienced gardeners to try something new. We’re seeing a surge in exotic plants, with gardeners looking to add not only a dash of the tropical, but a sprinkle of colour to their garden too. Once you’ve got to grips with the basics of gardening and know your hydrangea from your hibiscus, why not invest in a few gardening books and see what unusual twist you would like to give your space.


There are many reasons gardeners choose to grow their plants in raised beds. For starters, they look gorgeous in any outdoor space, and can add structure to what was before an unruly plot. Secondly, a raised bed can work wonders for your produce as it requires less watering and has better drainage in place. It’s easy to build a raised bed in any size of garden with sleepers cut to size. You can enquire about this at your local Haldane Fisher branch.

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