Hormann - Why Buy a Sectional Garage Door?

Hormann - Why Buy a Sectional Garage Door?

This is because they can provide not only a fantastic range of doors in a variety of colours and finishes, but their innovative designs are created to improve the space you have to work with. For example, their sectional garage doors are one of the most popular options we have here at Haldane Fisher, and in this blog we are going to explore some of the top reasons why.


Offering up to 16 factory colours and a further 200 RAL colours, you are never stuck for choice when it comes to Hormann. You can choose from bold and vibrant colours, to more muted tones. If you prefer a natural look, Hormann can provide you with a timber finish that looks just like authentic wood but will last much longer and prove to be much more durable against the elements.


When a Hormann garage door is fitted, it is placed on encased roller tracks behind the garage door opening. This not only provides a neat appearance, but due to the door being behind the opening, it allows no vulnerable points for breaking and entering. There is simply no penetration point to be found and combine this with an electric locking system of your choice that can be controlled by remote control – Hormann garage doors are one of the most secure options on the market.


Big or small, no matter the size of your garage door, Hormann will be able to accommodate. Widths of up to 7000mm can be reached and heights of up to 5000mm – incredible sizes and much more than the average manufacturer. When it comes to sectional garage doors, you know you are not compromising in strength either. These doors are fitted extremely securely no matter the size and guarantee smooth operation.


We love that Hormann garage doors can be fitted to almost any size, but the versatility and sleekness of the sectional garage door makes this product even better. The door is fitted inside the garage opening and opens via electric roller tracks that raise the garage door along the roof. This means there is no swing out and as a result, vehicles can park as close to the door as they like. Similarly, on the inside, storage space is at a maximum with the door neatly tucked away against the roof.


Despite being one of the biggest garage door providers in Europe, Hormann’s prices are very reasonable. When we compare what is offered with a sectional garage door, all the styles that are available, the security and peace of mind that comes with a high-quality product and the durability it provides – it is hard to find a price that will beat what Hormann has to offer.

The sectional garage door has so much to give to any location, whether you are fitting it for your personal garage, or whether it is for use on a business premise. No matter what style you are going for, there is a Hormann finish to fit your theme. Not only will this garage work as an extra security feature with its secure and durable nature, but you will find internal benefits also. Hormann sectional garage doors are highly insulated, transforming the feel of traditional cold garages. Not only is this a nice feature in any garage, but it is particularly beneficial if your garage doubles as a gym or an office space and you spend a lot of time in it.

So, if you need a new garage door, or are simply looking to upgrade, look no further than a sectional garage door from Hormann. Offering up to 14cm more passage width than traditional up and over doors, along with exceptional sealing against the cold and the elements, you’ll notice an immediate difference when you switch to Hormann.

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If you have any queries about Hormann garage doors or would like to view a selection of their colours or finishes, you’re welcome to visit your local Haldane Fisher branch where you can view these doors in person. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via our website, where one of our experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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