Fight the freeze – How to keep warm on site this winter

Fight the freeze – How to keep warm on site this winter

However, some people do not have this luxury. For those that work outside, such as road workers or construction workers, they have no choice but to head out into the cold and continue their job. Many of our employees at Haldane Fisher fall among this category and have to carry out their work in the cold each day. For this reason, we make sure to cater for outdoor workers no matter what the season and are dedicated to providing workwear that will retain warmth while the temperature drops.

If you too are an outdoor worker, here are a few more tips on how to fight the freeze this winter:


The same items of clothing you wear during the summer simply will not be good enough for the winter. You need clothes with good insulation to keep you warm. This means fleeced jackets, felt-lined boots and even boots that are rubber bottomed to keep the cold out and to prevent you from slipping if the ground gets icy. You can call into your local Haldane Fisher store to see what items we have available, but you can rest assured that each is designed to keep you toasty warm during the winter months.


Even with insulated clothing, we always recommend wearing more than one layer of clothing. We wear one layer when the sun is shining, so why should we be dressing the same when the ground starts to freeze over? You should not only be swapping your workwear out for thermal wear to retain body heat, but we recommend at least 2 or 3 layers to keep out the cold. Invest in some protective outerwear also to keep the wind and the rain from getting through to you.


We can put on layer after layer of clothing to keep warm, but often the parts of our body most affected by the cold are our extremities such as our fingers and toes. Invest in a pair of high quality gloves that will protect your hands and keep them warm. These gloves should be thick and yet be a texture that does not interfere with your outdoor job, i.e: waterproof. Heavy duty handwarmers are also a great investment and can be tucked away in your pocket. Failing this, you can tuck a hot water bottle under your clothing. You should also be wearing thick thermal socks and boots that will protect your feet from the elements, along with wearing a hat to keep your head warm.


It’s good to take breaks from our work throughout the day to keep our heads clear. Often for office workers, this means going outside and getting some fresh air. However, for those who work outside and have to battle the cold throughout the day, it is important you head inside on your break and use this time to heat yourself up again and raise your body temperature before heading out to work once more.


If you know it is going to be a cold day outside, make sure to pack a lunch that will warm you such as soup. Bringing a flask of tea is also a good idea to ensure hot liquid is going into you on your breaks. Even just holding a cup of hot tea or a bowl of hot soup will spread warmth through your fingers and fight the winter cold.

It can be tough working onsite during the winter: when the cold sets in early in the morning it can be hard to get warmth spreading through your body again. That is why it is so important to head out in the morning well wrapped up and prepared for the weather the day will hold; it is much better to be overprepared than to be shivering with the cold and feeling miserable all day. 

Here at Haldane Fisher, we’re used to working in the outdoors and therefore know exactly what’s needed to fight the freeze. Have a browse on our website, or call into your local branch to see the variety of winter apparel we have available.

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