How to Save Money with Your Heating This Winter

How to Save Money with Your Heating This Winter

We can go the whole summer with the heating turned off or being used infrequently and so we notice the sharp increase in our bill when winter comes. It’s important we use our heating during the winter months to keep our home safe and prevent pipes from freezing. However, we can also be smart with our use of heating and ensure we are using it effectively to help us save money this winter.


If there are drafts coming through your home, the heating will be unnecessarily high to keep your house warm. Ensure not only that all windows are closed, but that they are effectively sealed to prevent any cold air getting in. We sell a wide range of sealants at Haldane Fisher, and they could make a sizeable difference in your heating bills. Likewise, ensure that your doors are well sealed as even the tiniest cracks can allow heating to escape. Throughout your home, try to keep each door closed to prevent the heat having to circulate. If you keep the doors closed, the heat will build up within each room – if you are spending more time in one room over others, it is particularly important you keep this door closed to allow it to stay toasty warm for you.

Loft Insulation 

The next step after insulating your downstairs, is to insulate your loft also. Heat rises and therefore you’ll want to make sure heat isn’t escaping from your home through your roof area. Here at Haldane Fisher we can provide you with a range of advanced insulation solutions to help regulate temperature in your home: keeping in the warmth during winter, but also preventing excessive heat during summer months.

As we have mentioned, heat rises. This is an important factor to think about when heating your home. For example, radiators will heat the immediate room that they are placed in, however, underfloor heating will evenly heat the entire home. Perhaps, this would be a more efficient option for you to invest in, depending on your home. You can ask some of our instore experts at your local Haldane Fisher branch, or you can contact us via our website. However, if you would rather stick with radiators, there are ways you can boost their performance. For example, keep all furniture clear of radiators, and do not hang items of clothing over them. Not only can this prove to be a fire risk, but you are also trapping heat and preventing it from reaching the rest of the room. To maximise the heat in your room, consider placing reflective foil manufactured for radiators behind yours, to make sure the heat is not escaping, but instead is flowing outward into the room.

At the moment, with everyone at home, it can be expensive trying to keep your house warm. However, consider the movement of your family, and if there is a time of day when the house is empty, schedule your heating to go off at this time to avoid unnecessary expenses. Smart heating is a great idea for this, as it will allow you to turn off your heating from your mobile phone if you are out of the home and have forgotten to turn the heating off.

Don’t forget to shop around when it comes to your energy provider also. Some will offer cheaper options than others, and some even offer discounts if you choose to pay online. Look for the deal that suits your family best and hopefully you can find an option that will maximise your savings.

Layer Up 

Our final, and perhaps most simple tip to save money with your heating this winter – is to make sure you are layered up! So often we find it easier to turn the heating on, or worse, turn it up higher than it already is, rather than just putting on a jumper or fleece. Try to form habits of dressing appropriately for the colder months rather than pouring unnecessary money into heating bills. Even if you choose to lower your heating by as little as 1 degree Celsius, you will notice no difference in your heating but will over time start to see your bills decrease.

Contact Us 

If you have any further queries on how to maximise the heat in your home, or would like help answering why your heating bill seems unreasonably high, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can be contacted via our website or in any of our branches. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, provide advice, or point you in the direction of some of our products that may be of use to you and your home.

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