How & Why To Upgrade Your Bathroom Taps

How & Why To Upgrade Your Bathroom Taps

There’s no better way to upgrade your bathroom with a flourish than changing out old taps. By choosing a stylish, innovative design you can breathe a new sense of life into your bathroom. Though it might not seem very important, bathroom taps are a small feature that can deliver big results.

For busier bathrooms, you might think there’s no point in upgrading your taps. However, a better tap can create a more well-designed basin which will reduce cleaning time and, when managed correctly, extend the life cycle of those taps.

At Haldane-Fisher there is no shortage of great taps to choose from, whatever you’re looking for you’re sure to find it with us.

Water Pressure 

The first thing to consider when purchasing new taps is the water pressure. Bathroom taps may underperform depending on the water pressure of your home. This can be made worse if the taps are incompatible.

The water pressure levels in your home dictate the kind of taps you choose. For example, if you have high water pressure then most basins or tap combinations shouldn’t be an issue.

On the other hand, if your home has low water pressure take the time to figure out exactly what the level is. This will require understanding what type of system you have. Most homes have one of three – combi boiler, unvented, or a gravity-fed system. Each one has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing Basin Taps

Another very important factor to help you decide on a great tap is the number of tap holes available. Most sinks either have one or two tap holes and there are great options for either. A spout can be a great choice for bathrooms with less space.

One Tap Hole

With a one tap hole sink, you need to choose a lever. You can decide between a monobloc tap and a single lever tap. Each option features one spout, though the difference is in how the temperature can be controlled.

A monobloc tap has two handles which can be used to balance the temperature between hot and cold. A single lever tap has, as the name implies, only one lever and that controls the mix of the water temperature.

Two Tap Holes

For basins with two tap holes, pillar taps will be required which independently control hot and cold water. At Haldane-Fisher we stock pillar taps in a variety of styles featuring cross-shaped handles, or knobs, or levers. We’re happy to discuss all your options with you.


As we mentioned, using a spout is the ideal solution for bathrooms and basins without a lot of space. If there isn’t a lot of depth to your basin it can be uncomfortable (and potentially messy) trying to wash your hands beneath a tap.

Depending on how small the bathroom is it can also be impractical to have a large tap. We’re happy to advise on any practical concerns you might have in choosing the correct spout.

Bath Taps

As with basins, the choice of tap for a bath depends on the number of tap holes. Those with less space in their bathroom often prefer wall mounted taps, too. These both look stylishly modern and make great use of space.

One Tap Hole

Similar to basins the choices are between monobloc and single lever taps. Either choice lends itself well to a sleek, contemporary style of bathroom. Choosing a chrome finish can add an extra level of sophistication.

Two Tap Hole

Two tap holes offers you the choice between pillar and mixer taps. Though pillar taps offer independent control of hot and cold, mixer taps allow greater flexibility in temperature control. We stock both in a variety of styles and finishes to suit any bathroom.

Wall Mounted Taps

If you don’t have an ideal amount of space around your bath rim then a wall-mounted tap is a great option. While it requires a little more planning than regular taps the results are incredibly worthwhile.

For more information on Bathroom Taps contact or call into your local Haldane-Fisher store and one of our experts will happily talk you through your options.

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