New Year New Bathroom

Top tips when purchasing your bathroom


New year so why not a fresh new bathroom?  Here we discuss some top tips for to consider to help make your renovation journey a little easier.

Measure your space

The place to start when you are renovating your bathroom is to measure your space in its entirety.  Ensure you pay attention to windows, doors, exposed pipe work etc.  Draw a little sketch of your room and pop all measurements, current locations of sanitary-ware etc on it.  By doing this it will allow you to be realistic in your shopping and you can see what you can practically achieve in your space.  Having all your measurements in front of you will allow you to look at only items that will fit and also search for specific sizes should you see something you love.    This is also an important step for when it comes to purchasing your tiles as your room size will be required to work out quantities when ordering.

Create a Mood-board

Creating a mood-board is simple but yet very effective.  It allows you to gather together pieces you like and you will start to see a theme.  This will prove extremely helpful if you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products, themes, colours etc that are available.  People put together colours, fabrics, patterns along with images of styles and shapes they like.  This can give you an overall idea of how your bathroom will look when you link certain items together.  Pinterest and social media are great tools for finding your unique and personal style. 

Make an appointment with a specialist

Making an appointment and taking the first step inside a showroom is an exciting step in your renovation.  A design expert can draw up a virtual plan of your bathroom and show you based on your likes and ideas how it will turn out.  Not only can they help design your space but they can assist in helping you to make the right choice in products, colours and sizing etc.  They can advise on plumbing, pipework, tiling, pros & cons etc so this is a vital step to ensuring your bathroom refurb is smooth sailing from start to finish.  Many design appointments are free of charge and many showrooms open weekends so as to work around your busy schedule.

Make an appointment with one of our specialists here

Take your time

There’s nothing worse than putting yourself under pressure and rushing into choices and decisions that you end up regretting.  Take your time with each part of your refurbishment and don’t rush your choices.  Once you have your mood-board created your designer and you will know what direction you want to take the look of your room.  Start off with your colour scheme, do you want coloured storage units, coloured taps, coloured tiles etc.  Pick your sanitary-ware next along with the help of your design and sales consultant who can direct you towards items that will work in size, style and plumbing.  Then set to work on your wall and floor covering, will it be panelling, tiles or paint? Trying to pick everything in one visit will just overwhelm you and you may end up regretting rushed choices.  Enjoy the process and take your time.