2022 was an interesting year for bathrooms, it saw a lot of new colours, finishes and designs come to life. Due to covid in previous years, many new releases were put on hold and only released in 2022, now in 2023 we can predict what will be trending based on customer purchases and interior designer research.

Here are our predicted top 6 trends:

Colourful Sinks

It is predicted that colourful sinks will make a comeback in 2023. Colourful sinks are a good way to add a pop of colour and create a focal point in your bathroom. Many interior designers say they like to pair a colourful sink with a bold wall covering or paint to add even more drama in the bathroom.


This year will see the return of the terrazzo trend and it is no longer limited to only our floors. It is making a big comeback in 2023 and a great aspect of this patchwork styled design is that you can control exactly the look you want, the colour and pattern is in your control. It is a unique way to elevate your space and add a chic design. Designers have been known to say Terrazzo is the perfect way to make a statement without being too overpowering.

Natural Materials

A must have for 2023-bathroom design is to incorporate warm and inviting tones and materials. Natural materials are making a comeback such as tumbled, brush or honed stone, wood and handmade tiles. Stone and travertine will be used to make statements within bathrooms this year and many predict this trend will be very popular in the hotel industry.

Decorative Lighting

Bathrooms have become the prime space to showcase decorative lighting. Getting your bathroom lighting right can contribute to a soothing atmosphere and offer a sculptural element while still supporting the rooms functionality. 2023 will see a rise in decorative pendant style lighting within many rooms in the house according to many designers.

Brass Hardware

Brass hardware in the bathroom is slowly dominating the fixtures and fittings game. It adds a element of warmth and a welcoming alternative to the chrome, steel and nickel finishes that are fading into the background of popular brassware choices. Brass fixings and fittings make a statement in a neutral bathroom and is a timeless choice that exudes style and wealth.

Bold tiles & Textured Tiles Every bathroom needs some form of wall covering so why not make it a bold or textured tile? These are predicted to be a huge trend in 2023. Gone are the days of boring all white, smooth wall coverings. Let your personality shine through and go for the bold option to create a focal point adding an element of playfulness to your space. By opting for textured tiles, the shapes will add decorative interest, dimension and artistry to your space. Uniquely textured tiles can also catch shadows and reflect lighting to help create the mood you desire.