Their new pressurised and vented hot water cylinder - “MaxiPod” - provides superior hot water at incredible speeds. Here at Plumbmaster, we’re proud to be a supplier of Copper Industry products, so this month we’re going to give you a Product Showcase on their MaxiPod.

How does it work?

The Primary water - which is the heating water - is stored in the cylinder and heated by a boiler or renewables. When heated by a boiler, the water can also be pumped from the thermal store around your heating system to provide space heating. The MaxiPod Thermal Storage Systems work by reversing the function of the Primary and Secondary waters.

The secondary water comes straight from the mains and passes through a specially designed heat exchanger which draws heat from the MaxiPod thermal store. The water then passes through a thermostatic mixing valve, which blends it to the correct temperature before providing fresh drinkable hot and cold water straight to your taps.


Here are some of the top benefits of the MaxiPod:


  • The water is kept constantly moving and does not allow legionella harbouring bacteria to grow. This means your water is always safe as bacteria is only a risk to health when the water temperature allows it to multiply rapidly. Hygiene of water is maintained by never letting it stagnate for long periods of time.
  • Copper cylinders have a longer life expectancy than other makes, the MaxiPod is manufactured out of Grade 2 copper and has a 25 year cylinder warranty.
  • Superior speed and intelligence, promising reduced running costs.
  • Delivers fresh drinkable hot and cold water straight to your taps and instant hot water and heating.
  • Pressurised and vented, the MaxiPod works with all energy inputs, no matter the heat source you choose. This includes: solar, multi-fuel stove, gas, oil and electric boiler.
  • Corrosion resistant and made from 100% recyclable material.



The naturally antibacterial properties of copper mean this is a tried and tested material for safe supply of water. If you would like to know more about the MaxiPod, one of our experts would be more than happy to speak to you. So call into your local Plumbmaster branch to say hello!