Product Showcase: Warmflow Professional Boiler

Product Showcase: Warmflow Professional Boiler

Warmflow Professional Boiler

This month at Plumbmaster we’re taking a look at Warmflow’s “Professional” Boiler. A boiler that claims to “give you much more” - we’re going to be exploring what’s so great about this product.

As an oil boiler, this product is going to be recommended to customers who are not connected to the gas network - that’s still over two thirds of homes in Northern Ireland.

We recommend oil boilers due to their efficiency. Oil is only used when you need it as it only heats water on demand. The price of oil can fluctuate but due to this efficiency, oil is often thought to be the more cost effective choice to install in homes.

Some of the features of the Warmflow Professional Oil Boiler include:

  • The Factory fitted ADEY Magnaclean pro 2 filter
  • Pre-wired Grundfos UPS 2 Circulating Pump
  • An Improved Condensate Drain Installation Kit
  • Automatic Air Vents Fitted to Flow and Return
  • 3 Bar Pressure Relief Valve
  • An oil line installation kit, including a Crossland oil filter

And of course, the Teddington Fire Valve with a 9m capillary. Remotely shutting off the oil supply in the case of overheating or a fire, this valve is an invaluable component that comes as standard with the Warmflow Professional Boiler.

The great thing about the Warmflow Professional Boiler is that EVERYTHING is contained within - you will not need to buy any separate components.

Unlike traditional oil boilers that come with a standard 5 year warranty, Warmflow have given this boiler a 7 YEAR WARRANTY, promising you a reliable and high quality boiler that will not fail you or your customers.

Warmflow Kabin Pak Professional Series Condensing Boiler


Meeting all OFTEC guidelines, this boiler guarantees a quick and easy installation. Supremely convenient, Warmflow is able to supply everything that you need in this one purchase.

Our team at Plumbmaster are trained experts on all brands we supply, so if you would like to know more about Warmflow’s Professional Boiler, or any of Warmflow’s products, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on “Contact Us” on our website, or call into your local Plumbmaster store.

Of course, for any oil boiler you will require an oil tank. That’s why next month we will be providing a product showcase on oil tanks to further help you in your industry and supply top quality products to your customers.



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