Here at Haldane Fisher, we are able to supply you with a number of different cladding options, but we would like to focus this month on Composite Prime’s composite.

Firstly, we are going to explain what exactly composite cladding is. Primarily: it is an alternative to traditional timber. It is a combination of FSC certified hardwood timber and recycled plastic. This combination of wood and plastic has the look and feel of timber and can be used for decking, fencing, and much more. The plastic addition to this composite however, means that it is longer-lasting, lower-maintenance, and comes with a much larger variety of styles and colours.

Composite Prime's Variety of Colours 

Composite Prime’s variety of colours include cedar brown, slate, cedar grey and carbon. Each of these colours are long lasting and able to endure all weather conditions: not fading in the sun or warping in the rain, allowing you to enjoy this product year after year. Affixed by simple clips, the cladding board can be styled either horizontally or vertically. All fixings are concealed and will transform the exterior of any residential property. This cladding looks great as a feature on the exterior of your home, and with a selection of colours, it is sure to fit the style of any house.

Composite Wood 

Composite wood can not only be used as a sustainable alternative to traditional cladding, it can be used on many other areas of your home, such as an area of decking. Traditional timber decking is often accompanied by repairs, this is because wood is prone to splintering and can often be damaged by the weather. There are steps you can take to protect your wooden decking from the weather with protective coatings, however Composite Prime’s decking eliminates these steps, as the manufacturing process covers it all for you. Composite Prime’s cladding system is perfect for lots of exterior home projects, and with it’s weather resistant components and easy to install instructions, this will be an investment in your home that will boost your kerb appeal and last for years to come.

Benefits of Using Composite Wood Cladding 

So, what are some of the other benefits to using composite wood cladding? Not only is it easy to install and has colour stable properties, it has a Class B fire rating. Safety in the home is of utmost importance and this cladding is protecting you, even from the exterior of your house. These timeless composite cladding boards do not warp, splinter, or rot; they are insect repellent so you have no risk of infestation that comes with timber cladding, nor do you have to deal with treatment or staining as you would do with wooden cladding. 

In our current climate, holidays abroad are looking less and less likely in summer 2020 and it is important we embrace the joys of holidaying at home. We are hoping for fantastic weather and reasons to spend lots of time outdoors, so installing decking in gardens is looking like a great idea for many families. Not only is this product safe for walking on bare foot, but it is also slip free – perfectly safe for children to be running across all summer long.

Compostie Primt Free Samples 

If you are interested in this wpc cladding, Composite Prime offer free samples. Perfect for either residential exteriors, fencing, wall cladding or decking, we’re sure you’ll love the finished result. If you have any further queries on the product itself, or on installation, our experts will be more than happy to help. You can contact any of our stores online, or you can visit your local store, where one of our experts will be able to answer any of your questions.