3 Reasons to Choose MDF Skirting Boards

3 Reasons to Choose MDF Skirting Boards

We often pay little attention to them, but skirting boards actually play a very important role in the protection of each room. Their primary function is to protect the bottoms of the walls from any scuffs or knocks. This can occur from hoovering, and items such as footballs hitting up against the wall.

Keeping our walls protected from such scrapes and bumps is very important and that is why in this month’s blog we are discussing MDF skirting boards and 3 reasons why you should choose MDF when furnishing your home. MDF is a man-made wood that is a combination of both hardwood and softwood, along with wax and resin binder. It stands for ‘Medium Density Fibreboard’ and it not only looks beautiful but comes with a host of benefits.


The combination of woods and resin mean that MDF boards are a very strong and durable building product. They are long-lasting and unlike traditional wooden products, they do not expand or contract as the temperature changes. This makes them ideal for rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen which can get hotter than other rooms and often fill with steam. You can rest assured that your MDF skirting will not warp with the moisture in the air and you need not worry about any cracks starting to form. This is particularly great when two pieces of skirting are joined together, and you don’t have to worry about temperature changes causes them to move apart and break a perfect line.


Traditional wood comes with all sorts of natural features and often defects such as knots, grains, and can even be prone to splintering. MDF has a smooth surface and as a result is much easier to paint and care for than solid wood. One coating of paint will suffice to achieve the colour you want and you can rest assured that the colour will remain vibrant and not fade with time. With traditional wood, knots and natural darkening of the wood can often show through several coatings of paint, however this is not the case with MDF which can achieve proper full coverage much easier.


You may be surprised to learn that with all its benefits, MDF skirting is also typically cheaper than traditional skirting boards. It can also be a lot more versatile. This is because it is a manmade product and as a result can be shaped and sized to almost any requirement you may have. This means you can measure your room exactly and not only avoid having to pay for more boards than you need to, but you can also order boards the length of the room and stay in control of where joints will need to be placed.

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If you call into your local Haldane Fisher branch, you can see a selection of MDF skirting board styles and the variety of colours they are available in. You can also take a look on our website to see what we have to offer. If you have any questions about skirting boards or MDF material, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch via the contact section on our website, or you can visit us to speak to one of our instore experts, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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