Smart Control Your House

Smart Control Your House

Smart Technology is the way forward. We have smart cars, smart TVs, & smartphones so why not have a smart heating system.  It’s looking like everything we can do in our homes now can be managed by an app, your heating is no different! We all want an easy aspect to improve our way of life but also saving money on our home bills and one way is certainly Smart Home Heating Controls!

So what are Smart Controls?

This basically means that your house heating and thermostat will be entirely in your control.  You can manage this by turning your heating on/off even when you are not at home.  You can achieve the temperature you want your home to be at any time of the day or night.  You can then monitor daily and monthly patterns all at the tap of your finger.  You don’t have to leave the sofa again to turn that heating on or off. 

How do they work?

Through the app you can manage turning your heating on/off and make alterations to both times and temperatures.  This system comprises of three elements to deliver excellent results and solutions.  This starts with a plug fitted to your boiler which then is wirelessly connected to a central control unit, some smart actuators and finally a smart phone app. 


  • The first benefit that any user will comment on is the decrease in the utility monthly bills, however you need to use the technology sufficiently and effectively to see these results. In a standard home we leave our thermostats on all day at the same number/temperature, with technology you can adapt that as times goes on and your smart app will remember the “habits” you create. 
  • You can set the thermostats to know when you are on holiday / away from home and have the house then back to your normal temperature for when you return. No more coming home from holidays to a cold house! 
  • You can also set the heating to suit you and your family members by having different schedules for different days.


The many options we have available here at Plumbmaster have proved very successful for both installers and home owners, as we provide options for both New Build and Retrofit or update of current heating systems.  Everyone loves an app, gadgets and statistics - so why not have a look on our website at the range we have available or contact any of our Plumbmaster branches for advice.

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