Soak away your stress and bring the Spa to your Bathroom


In todays fast paced world we all need an escape to relax and unwind from the world. Why not bring the Spa to your bathroom and soak away your stress with these top tips.

Bringing some natural décor into your bathroom is the easiest trick to incorporate a spa like feeling. Bring some potted plants in and around your space, Ferns work well in the bathroom as they are great at absorbing moisture and thrive in humid conditions. If you can’t use living plants in your space you can substitute with faux plants and flowers.

You never see a cluttered Spa room, a very simple trick is to simply declutter your bathroom. Remove jars and tubs from counters, bin any you no longer use or any expired products. Invest in a storage cupboard to hide all clutter away from sight. There are many different types of cupboards, under basin, side storage, mirrored cabinets, tall cabinets etc. If you don’t have the space for an additional cupboard in your room then why not invest in a few baskets that can be removed from the room when not in use. This way you can just bring the relevant basket in with you when using the bathroom and generally keep the bathroom clutter free.

Replace your basic showerhead for a more luxurious model and instantly transform your showering experience. This simple swap can turn part of your routine into a more rejuvenating experience. Pick a shower head with features that will compliment your relaxing routine, opt for massage sprays, waterfall sprays, rain sprays etc. Always speak to a professional when replacing items to ensure you get the correct fit and you don’t waste your money purchasing items that may not work on your current fixtures and fittings.

If you are trying to establish a tranquil environment in your bathroom why not change your colour scheme and opt for more muted soft colours. Try to avoid bright bold colours if a relaxing spa like experience is what you are aiming for. Pair warm neutrals with colours inspired by nature to help create a calming setting within your space.

Bring a rug into your bathroom to soften the floor and create a luxurious space to walk on with plush softness under your feet. Rugs will add an element of comfy, cosiness and they add character to your room. Rugs are a great way to bring a colour into your room which you can then match with hotel style plush towels. They can also prevent cold toes in the morning when you step out of the shower or bath. Ensure you select a mat/rug that is suitable for humid environments and one that won’t go mouldy or allow bacteria to grow.

When you enter a spa you instantly smell a scent that will transport you to a peaceful mental space. Bring aromatherapy to your bathroom with candles, oils, diffusers etc. The most popular calming scents are Lavender, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang. Invest in a calming scented lotion also so you can continue your relaxing experience even when you leave the bathroom. People have also been known to hang a bundle of eucalyptus in the shower for a fresh burst of fragrance when you turn the water on.

Think about the lighting in your bathroom. Most bathrooms tend to have bright white light. Whilst this is great when you need to see what you are doing it is not the desired atmosphere when trying to relax. Where possible have your lights on a dimmer switch or if that’s not possible why not turn all the lights off and surround yourself with lots of candles to create that relaxing ambient glow to allow yourself to fully relax.