So, why are attic trusses (also known as “room-in-the-roof” trusses) becoming so popular?

Primarily: they create new and useful habitable space within the home. A new bathroom, an extra bedroom or maybe an office space – a loft area has a wealth of opportunities for your home. Furthermore, you are free to enjoy increased living space without having to change the layout of your house. Trusses can be custom built allowing just about any shape, therefore accommodating whatever space you have to work with.

Of course, adding a loft area is benefiting your home as you are adding useable space. This is great not only for daily life within your house – but adding additional living areas is a great way to increase the value of your property.

If you are looking to add another room to your property, an attic roof truss has many benefits over an extension. Namely, there is a complete structure already there for you: a floor ready for boarding, walls ready for plastering – complex labour is totally eliminated.

Due to the removal of labour-intensive work, an attic truss proves to be a cost-efficient way of improving your home. Much less building work is required and the transformation is complete in a shorter timeframe.

Trusses are a trustworthy option for any home, providing superb strength, they support the weight of the material used for the roof. They provide a sturdy construction in a short space of time that evenly distributes the weight on the house.

Due to being made from shorter lengths of timber and constructed off-site, trusses are very cost-effective. They are computer designed and factory assembled, meaning quality control and guaranteed accuracy.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to attic roof trusses, and they make a great improvement to any home. Why not call into one of our branches today to discuss making the new living area you’ve always dreamed of a reality.