They are stylish, a way to reflect personal style and often a feature in themselves. Homeowners choose their radiators carefully and with the rise of designer radiators, their choice is becoming more and more varied. One style of radiator that is becoming increasingly popular is the vertical radiator.
It is imperative to us that our customers are kept warm and happy, this means high quality radiators that efficiently heat the home but fit seamlessly into the interior, looking stylish and sleek. The vertical radiator does all of this, so we’re going to take a closer look at them, giving you our top 5 benefits of vertical radiators.
1. Maximises space
House-proud customers adore vertical radiators as it allows them additional space in their home. Where before they thought was unusable space, a vertical radiator can easily be fitted to utilise that space. Or even better, where before their horizontal radiator was taking up room, a sleek vertical radiator can be fitted, allowing much more space for other uses.
2. Doubles as heating rack
Vertical radiators are not only an aesthetically pleasing option for your home, they often prove themselves more practical. The many horizontal bars on vertical radiators can double as heating racks, useful for drying clothes quickly and also for warming towels.  You’ll want to ask your installer for advice on what type of vertical radiator to install depending on its use. Chrome radiators often have an insulating effect but by simply changing to a different finish you could have up to 50% more heat.
3. Changes look of room
The vertical radiator can be utilised as a feature within a room. You can choose a colour that will pop against your interiors or why not go for a symmetrical look, using your radiators to draw attention to a focal point. The market is aware of the demand on vertical radiators, producing an endless range of colours, shapes and sizes.
4. Gives out as much heat as traditional horizontal radiator
It’s important to know that vertical radiators are just as practical as horizontal radiators – if not more so! They emit the exact same amount of heat, and as vertical radiators are rising upwards, heat rises quicker within the room, effectively heating the room a lot quicker. With the popularity of these radiators mounting, you’ll find that prices are dropping too.
5. Fits to your personal style
Gone are the days of one size fits all with radiators. With the vast range of vertical radiators, you can choose the style that fits the theme of your home. Sleek, compact styles for the minimalist look. Bold, bright colours for the modern home. Muted tones for the more traditional house.
Here at Plumbmaster, we know that these are just some of the things you consider when looking for a new radiator. So if you have any questions or would like to know more about your heating options call us on 028 3861 6666.