Tips For Choosing The Right Paving

Tips For Choosing The Right Paving

Spring is the ideal time to get out in your garden and start making some changes. As the flowers begin to bloom and the weather starts to improve, getting an early start can help you to prepare for the warmer summer months spent barbecuing and relaxing outdoors. 

Often this means clearing out any weeds and debris and trying to reverse some of the damage of the winter months. But when you're really looking to upgrade your outdoor space, an entirely new patio, driveway or paving could be in order.

If this is the case, choosing the right paving for your garden is crucial and the good news is, there are plenty of beautiful and functional options to choose from at Haldane Fisher. So, take a look online or at your nearest branch to ensure you find the perfect materials and style for you.

But if you're not sure where to even begin, that’s OK. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the perfect paving for your garden this spring.

Consider the main purpose of your project

Before you begin looking at materials, it’s important to consider how you use your garden and what role your paving will play in this. For example:

  • Do you want to create an entirely new patio area for entertaining and dining?
  • Are you considering redoing a damaged or old driveway?
  • Is your garden path looking a little tired and in need of replacing?
  • Is your garden fairly empty and you're hoping to transform it into a fun and functional outdoor space?

Once you’ve considered which areas of the garden need work and your motivations for getting new paving, it can be much easier to choose the right materials.

Decide whether a total revamp is in order

If your garden is currently empty, overgrown or just outdated, you might be considering a total redesign. You might not have any patio area at all or maybe you want to add some layers for different purposes (perhaps a space for the adults and a space for the kids).

In this instance, you might need a full redesign and an entirely new paving or patio area built for you. So think about the current state of your garden and how much work is going to be involved.

Keep your budget in mind

Next on your mission to find the perfect paving you need to factor in your budget. In order to get a better idea of costs, you need to think about the size of the area you want to pave and which materials you want to use.

It stands to reason that higher-quality paving will cost more but it’s also important to think about the long term as well. If you're going to be using your garden a lot you want something durable that’s going to last. In these cases, it could be worth spending a bit more on materials.

Essentially, as with any home renovation project, you must keep costs in mind when choosing your paving. This includes materials and the cost of labour if you don’t plan on doing the work yourself.

Match the style of your home

As well as showing off your personality, you want your outdoor space to reflect and complement the style of your home. For example, if you’ve got an ultramodern new build you might want to avoid rustic looks and instead go for sleek, bright paving.

Alternatively, if you’ve got an older property in a more rural location, you might want to consider cobbled paths or reclaimed stones. This can add to the countryside, rustic aesthetic.

You might also wish to have a statement piece such as paving setts or circles. These might be home to your patio furniture or surrounded by shrubbery and beautiful flora.

Also, be sure that whatever colours you choose complement your home. For example, if you’ve got traditional red brickwork, dark black slight might not be for you. Or if you particularly like the minimalist design, choose larger, lighter paving to match this.

Take inspiration from others

If you’ve considered all of the above and you're still feeling totally lost, then why not take some inspiration from others. Go round your friends and families to see what they have done in their outdoor spaces or be a nosey neighbour and take a peek at the houses around you. This can help to give you some great ideas and to see what works on homes that are a similar style to yours.

Consider the impact this will have on the value of your property

Whether you're planning on selling up soon or way in the future, your outdoor area can really add or detract value from your property. So if you're planning on investing in new paving, think about whether you're trying to increase the value of your home. This is because certain styles and materials will be worth more and look more appealing than others.

This can be really particularly if you're having your driveway repaved as parking can be a huge selling point for potential buyers.

But as a general rule, high-quality landscaping of any kind can help to make your home more marketable. As such, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind how long you plan to stay in your current property and whether you're hoping to increase its value when selecting your paving this year.

Choosing the perfect paving for your garden

So in a nutshell, in order to choose the right paving for your outdoor spaces, you need to consider:

  • Its purpose and what materials could be best for this
  • If you want a statement piece or something more functional
  • Whether you're working with an existing space or completely redesigning your garden
  • Your budget and the size of the space
  • The finish and style you want
  • The long term impact and whether the materials are durable
  • If you're doing this to add value to your home

Weighing up these seven key points against one another, you’ll be able to find the perfect paving to transform your outdoor space this spring. For more information on paving options get in touch with our helpful team today.