Here at Haldane Fisher, we love loft conversions and the potential for creativity that they give. In this month’s blog post we are going to look at 8 reasons why you should take the leap and convert your loft.

Extra Space

No matter what you plan on using your loft conversion for, you’re guaranteed to end up with lots more living space. Loft conversions are often called ‘extensions’ as well, because without having to actually alter the physical size or shape of your house, you are effectively extending it by gaining another room. It can be used for everything from a bedroom, to a gym, or even just a room that anyone can make use of. Whatever you decide to go for, we know your house will feel so much bigger when you start to utilise the space you have available in your loft.

Save the Outdoors

In our previous point we made reference to house extensions. Not only is a loft conversion much easier to install than adding on a house extension, but by choosing to build upwards rather than outwards, you are saving precious outdoor space. Perhaps if your garden is big you have no issue with losing some of your space, but if you have a small garden, don’t lose this precious space when you could add your extra room elsewhere.

Accommodate your family

If your family is growing and you are in need of an extra room, most tend to look to moving house and finding somewhere with more rooms. This upheaval comes with many downsides including leaving an area your family love and have grown attached to, as well as perhaps having to take your children out of school and bring them to a new one. A great solution to this is to convert your loft into an extra room. Extend your home without the upheaval and stay in the area you have become attached to.

Increased Value

If you do think that your family will inevitably move some day, converting your loft is still not a bad idea. Having an extra room that can be used for any number of options is a fantastic way to add value to your property. A functional space can add as much as 25% to your house and considering that a loft conversion is typically much cheaper than other types of extension, this is a very easy way to consider the future of your house and how you can add value to it.

No Planning Permission

When building any sort of extension onto your home, there can often be a lot of red tape to get through. There can be a lot of fuss and it is often not worth the hassle. Loft conversions on the other hand do not require planning permission! Unless you plan to physically alter the exterior of your building, this is a quick and straightforward way to change your home without any problems and legalities.


Did you know that heat rises? This is how a lot of heat is lost in many homes: when heat rises and is lost through the roof. This can be resolved through a loft conversion as the attic walls are reinforced and the floor and ceiling become insulated. By improving this space and reinforcing the strength of each wall, even without intentionally adding insulation, you will be helping to lower the heating bills for the rest of the home.


Loft conversions can take as little as 4 weeks to install. It is one of the least disruptive ways to extend you home and will have minimal interference with your home life while it is being installed. The majority of the work takes place within the attic itself and therefore you won’t have to deal with dust throughout your home and piles of materials and tools cluttering the house.

Natural Light

A loft conversion, as the highest room in your house, can aid in bringing in much more sunlight into your home. By placing your new windows in the right location, you could find this room filled with natural light and you’ll soon be finding yourself basking in the warm sun of this room.

Whether you are looking for more room, to add value to your house, to increase sunlight, or just as a new project for your home, there are countless benefits of loft conversions. If you have any queries on loft conversions or how they work, feel free to contact us via our website. One of our experts will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.