Haldane Fisher’s specialist brick partner, Brick & Stone, offer an unrivalled brick service to both the trade and homeowner customers. Bricks are sourced from leading UK and European suppliers and include handmade, wire cut, tumbled in addition to bricks suitable for conservation work.

Brick & Stone also offer Stoneer, Brick Slips, Natural Stone Paving & Stone Panel Systems. We supply a core range of bricks which have been individually chosen to meet all design requirements for both large scale commercial and residential projects, self-build projects or simply carrying out some renovation work.

Now with our own dedicated brick and stone department at Haldane Fisher, we can offer an unrivalled brick service. We have a vast range of bricks in stock from a wide variety of UK and European suppliers, including handmade, wirecut and tumbled bricks PLUS bricks suitable for conservation work and contemporary styles.

All bricks conform to industry and building regulations and have been sourced across the UK and Europe to ensure we provide only the highest quality products for our customers.

Additional bespoke bricks can also be sourced upon request to meet specific customer requirements and also available on request are a free brick matching service, the ability to cater small lots and bespoke shaped bricks.

For more information please contact your nearest Haldane Fisher branch or fill out the enquiry form below.