Fuel & Oil Separators

Kingspan Water & Energy supply a range of fuel and oil separators to ensure that your drainage is not contaminated by oil substances.


Klargester Full Retention Separators

Full retention separators are used in high risk spillage areas such as fuel distribution depots, vehicle workshops and scrap metal recycling yards. Each full retention separator design includes the necessary volume requirements for:

• Oil separation capacity

• Oil storage volume

• Silt storage capacity

• Coolescer (Class 1 units only)

• Automatic closure device


Klargester Bypass Separators

Bypass separators are used when it is considered on acceptable risk to not provide full treatment for very high flows, such as, where the risk of o large spillage and heavy rainfall occurring at the some time is small. Typical applications include surface carparks, roadways and lightly contaminated commercial areas.

Product Benefits:

• Light and easy to install.

• Inclusive of silt storoge volume.

• Fitted inlet/outlet connectors.

• Vent points within necks.

• Oil alarm system available

• Extension access shafts for deep inverts.

• Maintenance from ground level.

• GRP or polyethylene construction.


Klargester Forecourt Separators

Forecourt separators ore used to intercept hydrocarbon pollutants such as petroleum and oil to prevent their entry to the drainage system. Typical applications include petrol filling station forecourts and car breaker yards.



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