Mortar Silo

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Silo mortar provides an efficient mortar solution to suit a wide range of external and internal works. The Mortar is dry stored in a silo at our Mahon Road branch in Portadown and once mixed with water and dispensed into tubs its ready for use with up to a 4 hour workable set time. The unit provides a consistently high-quality mix that is easy-to-use with only a blend of sand, cement, and admixtures held in the silo.


  • Brick, block, and stone bedding
  • Repointing
  • General masonry repairs


Ready-mixed mortar is available from our Mahon Road branch in Portadown dispensed into plastic mortar tubs that are available to purchase in the branch.


Quality Assured

  • Our mortar conforms to BS EN 998-2 standard mortar strength. Mortar silos produce a consistent mix that delivers a high-quality finish.


  • Reduced long-term costs due to the potential for zero wastage, as the mortar is mixed and placed in tubs and you only buy what you require.
  • Little or no space required on-site in comparison to traditional mixing methods due to the mortar being dispensed into tubs.

Increased Productivity

  • Ready-made mortar means less time mixing and more time applying.
  • No need to retard mix.

Consistent Strength 

  • Computer-controlled mixing provides a constant reliable consistency.

Environmentally Friendly 

  • Less noise pollution is produced compared to using traditional mixers as mortar is mixed off-site
  • Zero packaging on-site. Less plastic packaging is used from manufacturing to point of use.
  • No leakage-risk of liquid mortar mix compared to traditional mixing methods. As a result, this eliminates the risk of storing chemical admixtures on-site