Hörmann Garage Doors



A Hörmann Garage Door is a true promise of quality. The family-owned company has over 75 years of experience in door and operator construction and is no. 1 Garage door brand in Europe.

Hörmann are one of Europe's leading provider of garage doors, front door and operators and more and more in the market of construction components now carry the Hörmann name. As a company Hörmann not only use environmentally friendly procedures for foaming, using 100% CFC-free PU rigid foam, but also with the colour coating of the doors. Ultramodern regenerative exhaust filter systems greatly reduce the energy required and Hörmann products are developed and manufactured in our own highly specialised factories.

Our highly qualified employees work intensively on new products, continuous developments and improved details. The results are patents and one-of-a-kind products with endurance tests carried out under real conditions ensure mature series products in true Hörmann quality.


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