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Haldane Fisher invest in new Counterbalance Forklift

at our Ladas Drive Branch

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Sunday 19 February 2017

As part of Haldane Fisher’s Health & Safety drive to ensure best practice at our branches, we are delighted to announce we have taken delivery of a Hyster 2.5xt Counterbalance Forklift at our Ladas Drive Branch.

The Hyster 2.5xt Counterbalance Forklift is built for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications providing reliable, productive, fuel efficient in-branch loading solutions. The forklift has a variety of safety capabilities, including an interlock for the seat belt – meaning it will not start unless seat belt is secured. This purchase is all part of Haldane Fishers drive for improved safety across all it branches.

The new Hyster 2.5xt Counterbalance Forklift also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, allowing us to decrease our carbon footprint.