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Haldane Fisher launch New Door Studio

in our Castle Street branch in Portadown

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Tuesday 5 December 2017

Haldane Fisher is delighted to announce we have launched a new Door Studio at our Castle Street branch in Portadown.

As part of an ongoing investment strategy, Haldane Fisher have converted an old stores area into a modern Door Studio. Andrew Cully, Branch Director for the Portadown branch, said, “One area that we knew we were lacking in was our door display. This small area only had just over 20 doors with outdated lighting and a poor ambiance. We were also restricted in adding new doors to this display.”  That has now changed, with a stylish and practical Door Studio now proving popular with customers.

With over 50+ doors on display, covering a wide range of styles, finishes, colours and prices, there is a wide variety of choice for every type of customer. As part of the studio, there is a wide range of door furniture as well as various trimmings and mouldings to complement the doors with suitable architrave and skirting.  Support by superb lighting to showcase the doors, the new Door Studio has been designed to be flexible, allow Haldane Fisher to be proactive and create aspirational displays for every customer

The improvements haven’t only focused on the product on display. Staff continue to receive ongoing training to enhance their already extensive knowledge and ensure  they remain up-to-date with the latest trends and styles. The Door Studio is proving to be a great resource for our trade customers, with builders and developers able to select doors, door furniture and trimmings and mouldings to suit their projects. It is also a great place for them to send their customers to be able to select the doors they want.

The investment strategy at Haldane Fisher will continue in 2018, with the success of the Door Studio in Portadown set to be replicated across a number of our other Northern Ireland branches.