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Building Environmental Success

Haldane Fisher awarded the British Environmental Management Standard (BS8555) Phase 2.

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Monday 20 August 2012

Haldane Fisher is one of the leading independent suppliers to the construction industry in the UK and Ireland, serving both trade customers and the general public. Haldane Fisher is committed to a cleaner, healthier environment. Its objective is to conduct its activities in an environmentally responsible manner. Haldane Fisher gained certification for managing its environmental impacts at the head quarters in Newry.

Some of its impressive initiatives include installing a vehicle management system in the fleet, developing a training programme for 'Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving' (SAFED) for all fleet drivers and improving its recycling facilities.

"The BS8555 Environmental Management Standard provides organisations with the elements of an effective environmental management system that are appropriate to the nature and scale of their activities and operations," explains Edward Wright, Director, ARENA Network.

He adds: "Within the BS8555 Standard there are six phases, with each step contributing towards achievement of the International and European Environmental Standards - ISO 14001 and EMAS.

"During the appraisal and audit processes for the BS8555 Standard, there is an evaluation of costs as well as environmental performance - this means that at each stage the company or organisation will have an outline environmental management system that relates to its bottom line.

"ARENA Network is delighted that Haldane Fisher has achieved this level in the standard and hopes the organisation will continue on its environmental journey."

Gary Cranney, Associate Director of Operations for Haldane Fisher adds: "It's been quite an undertaking to establish best practice and develop our environmental policy. Working towards the BS8555 certification has helped provide focus for us as well as helping to comply more easily with legislation."

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