Composite Prime Decking

Composite prime decking offers exceptional durability, low-maintenance requirements, and resistance to rot, mould, and insects. It is an excellent choice for outdoor projects of all sizes and is a hassle-free decking option. At Haldane Fisher, our composite decking products blend FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber with recycled plastic, providing the perfect balance between the traditional look and feel of wood and the durability that recycled plastic brings. Shop high-quality, eco-friendly composite decking at affordable prices now!

Purchase Premium Composite Decking

With a range of colours and finishes available, our premium composite decking options allow for attractive and customisable designs that effortlessly enhance any outdoor area. We offer three main types of decking styles:

  • HD Deck® Dual – a realistic traditional wood grain effect with a reversible two-colour option on each board, offering the opportunity to install with contrasting colours.
  • HD Deck® 3D – a deeply textured wood grain on one side with a contemporary groove design on the reverse. It features a unique colour mix throughout each board, enhancing the authentic look of the wood grain.
  • HD Deck® Pro – available in two designer shades, this extra-wide composite decking board features a traditional wood grain that will add quality and style to any outdoor living space.

Moreover, the eco-friendly composition, splinter-free surface, and fade resistance of our HD Deck® Pro options ensure a sustainable, safe, and attractive decking solution that will stand the test of time.

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