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Water Harvesting Tanks

Rainstream Home

POLYPIPERainstream Home and Garden has been created by Polypipe after intensive research and development to design robust and cost-effective rainwater harvesting systems for the UK domestic market. Polypipe has almost 10 years experience in rainwater re-use and it's through our proven track record that we have been able to develop new systems specifically for the domestic market. The re-use of rainwater can save home owners up to 50% of their annual potable water usage.



This system offers a rainwater re-use solution for the home and garden. Comprising of a robust one piece rotomoulded tank with single turret, housing leaf filter, overflow and calmed inlet; with storage capacities ranging from 2,000lts to 5,000lts and a wall mounted 'pump-pack' to complete the system.

The Rainstream Home systems do not need a header tank. Instead an electronic control system monitors the demand for water and pumps it directly from the main storage tank to the appropriate outlet. The control system also measures the water level in the main storage tank and imports fresh water if required to prevent the system from running dry. Where the optional ground water inlet valves (with filters) are fitted, there is no requirement for a concrete bed or surround. These valves allow ground water from a rising water table to enter the storage area of the tank, thus equalising the hydrostatic pressures on internal and external surfaces, preventing tank collapse or flotation. Not found on any other system this is a unique feature of Rainstream Home.


  • Tanks with 2,000lts, 3,000lts, 4,000lts or 5,000lts storage capacity
  • Tanks weights are 112kg, 158kg, 208kg and 258kg respectively
  • Four feet on base of tank for stable positioning
  • Four grab handles at each corner of the tank for ease of handling
  • Two lifting eyes on top of the tank for ease of off-loading
  • Optional ground water inlet valves
  • Wall mounted pump packs with or without tank water
    level indicator


Rainstream Home XL offers an alternative rainwater re-use solution for home and garden use. Where deeper burial depths are required (often a characteristic of communal storage systems) this structured wall tank is capable of withstanding water pressure up to 6m burial depths or 0.6 bar. Far exceeding the normal requirements of rainwater re-use systems. Still a relatively shallow excavation on individual on plot installations; the twin turrets allow easy access to the fully submersed pump and in-line filters which offer the choice of configuring a direct (pressurised) system or an in-direct (gravity fed) system.

The structured wall design of Rainstream Home XL has created a system that is unique in its ability to withstand a high water table. The key benefit is that it will never need a concrete surround in non-loaded applications, even in cases of a high water table. All that is needed is a concrete base which the tanks are strapped to. It provides a simple solution to the complex problem of rising water tables and changing weather patterns.

As most systems are installed during the summer months, when water tables are at their lowest, the resulting winter rising water table is often not taken into account. Some systems are not designed to be installed within the water table and are unable to withstand the hydrostatic pressures, resulting in their collapse. Rainstream Home XL has been designed by Civil Engineers to withstand these hydrostatic pressures. Further testing has taken place proving the tank's capability to withstand water pressure at a burial depth of up to 6 metres or 0.6 bar, far beyond the pressures the tank is likely to face.

The range of tank sizes offered by Polypipe has been researched and designed to meet the exact requirements of the UK market, based on research into the national average household water use and the most up-to-date MET office data. Rainstream Home XL tanks allow the homeowner to meet their exact requirements and therefore provide the most cost-effective and efficient solution in the market, without the need to over-specify and incur disproportionate purchasing and installation costs. If increased capacity is needed, Rainstream Home XL offers a wide range of tank sizes to ensure rainwater collection is maximised effectively.