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Underfloor heating is increasingly being used in place of traditional radiators, to provide huge energy savings, greater design freedom and high levels of comfort and health and safety.


If you are buying or building the house of your dreams, don't you owe it to yourself to install the best heating system available? Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient and comfortable heating/cooling technologies available; offering many advantages over conventional methods. The real question is why settle for any other heating system?


Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through a network of cross-linked polyethlene pipes laid in the floors, gently spreading heat through the house. With traditional radiators, temperature variations can occur due to uneven radiator coverage. Not so with underfloor heating, as the pipe network covers the entire floor area for even heat distribution throughout.


Underfloor heating creates a feeling of well being, as it gently and evenly warms the home environment. It produces a high level of radiant heat without causing the dryness usually associated with high intensity systems. Modern control systems enable underfloor heating to provide just the right amount of heat, at the right time and in the right place, controlled by individual room thermostats. The system is designed to run at a much more constant level than other heating methods. It even maintains a low level heat setting at night, ready for the floor to heat up the following day.


With the floor as a large heat emitter only low temperature (35-450C), heating water is required. Heating water can be provided by almost any energy source, including renewable sources such as Solar, Geothermal and of course conventional sources such as Gas. Underfloor heating systems are available to suit different floor types, suspended wooden floors and screed floors. Comfort, flexibility, energy efficient, design freedom, safety and health benefits and almost zero maintenance are some of the main benefits of an underfloor heating system.


Because it warms your body and not the entire air mass, you feel comfortable at a lower air temperature. As little as 1 or 20C lower air temperature is equivalent to 15-30% energy saving!


Simple operating principles and minimal mechanical equipment mean the system requires almost zero maintenance. Heating pipes are made from smooth lined PE-Xa cross linked polyethylene with an expected life of well over 50 years. Tough and robust, they are corrosion free and resistant to scale build up.