Corrugated Roofing

We offer a selection of corrugated roofing and sheeting designed to withstand impacts, provide efficient water runoff and minimise the risk of leaks. We partner with top manufacturers like Halvec and Hannon Steel so that your premium materials meet the CE EN 14782 standards.

Our range includes various materials, profiles, thicknesses, and colours to suit any roofing needs. From bitumen to metal sheets, we offer solutions for residential and agricultural applications. Explore our range online or visit our branches across Northern Ireland for premium corrugated roofing options.

Our Durable and Weather-Resistant Corrugated Roofing

Experience unmatched durability and weather resistance with our range of corrugated roofing solutions. The corrugated design boosts strength and ensures even distribution of impact force, making our sheets ideal for enduring harsh weather conditions.

The lightweight materials, such as metal and bitumen, make our roofing panels easy to handle and install. They are perfect for structures like sheds, barns, and agricultural buildings.

The long-lasting lifespan and minimal maintenance make these corrugated roofs perfect for both DIYers and professionals. Don't forget to explore our roofing range, including roof trusses, tools, fixings and much more.

Buy From A Range of Roofing Materials and Profiles

When sourcing roofing supplies, Haldane Fisher is your go-to solution for both trade professionals and public use. With our branch network across the UK and Northern Ireland, we provide widespread accessibility to the country. Place your order for corrugated roofing solutions today, and feel free to contact one of our experts for more information.