Roof Trusses

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Why Use Haldane Fisher For Your Roof Truss Supplier?

  • • Over 100 years of combined experience within our Roof Truss Department
  • • Designing, supplying, and manufacturing trusses since 1986
  • • On-site measurement available
  • • Products supplied with CE Marking
  • • Delivery to site PLUS offload on site thus saving time and money
  • • CPDs available

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Roof Trusses are a prefabricated timber roof solution that helps to reduce labour on site thus reducing costs. This is an increasingly popular product within the construction sector and our specialist truss plant services both the North and South of Ireland with the highest quality product delivered directly to the site. Timber Roof Trusses provide a functional, Practical, simple-to-erect engineered solution for roofing requirements.

As they can use up to 40% less timber than traditionally formed roofs, they are not only more suitable but can be more affordable. Roof Trusses are the ideal choice for all roofing projects, including extensions, new builds, residential developments, and commercial projects. Kingpost and Queenpost are the most common type on small spanned roofs. Fink and W/W trusses (I.E. more webs) are used on larger spans, whilst raised–tie and scissor trusses lend themselves to vaulted ceilings.


Today Trusses are the most widely used form of roofing solutions and the only option of framing to convert an architectural vision into a total roof structure. The Attic Roof Truss method of providing the structural roof and floor in the same component offers considerable advantages over loose timber or standard truss construction. These include:

• Vastly increases the value of your home.

• Most economical means of creating extra living space.

• Attic trusses can be erected quickly, offering cost savings and providing a weather tight shell earlier.

• Eliminates the need for purlin walls and steel beams.

• There are no restrictions on the ground floor layout since the trusses span onto external walls (usually clear spanning).

• Attic trusses are computer-designed and factory-assembled units, resulting in increased quality assurance.

• A complete roof structure is ready to receive roof finishes, plasterboard, and floor boarding.

• Freedom to design your roof space layout at the planning stage.