Engineered Timber

Haldane Fisher is one of the leading independent suppliers to the construction industry in Northern Ireland.

Our Engineered Timber department design and manufacture Roof Trusses, Posi-Joists, and I Joists to CE Quality Approved standards having strict quality control measures in place in accordance with British Standards.

Engineered Timber

Roof Trusses

Trusses are the most widely used form of roofing solution and the best option to convert an architectural vision into a roof structure.

They are a prefabricated timber roof solution which helps to reduce labour on site.  Roof trusses are the ideal choice for all roofing projects including extensions, new builds, residential developments, and commercial projects.

They can be used on a wide range of roofs, and a wide range of structures including timber, masonry and steel frame.

At Haldane Fisher, our talented team will take you through the whole process from start to finish, including design, manufacture and delivery.  Our specialist truss plant deliver to both the North & South of Ireland.

Benefits of Roof Trusses:

  • Easily creates extra living space
  • Quick installation
  • Provides weather tight shell
  • No need for purlin walls & steel beams
  • No restrictions on ground floor layout


Engineered Timber


An I-joist is a composite engineered timber joist, providing a practical and cost-effective alternative to a concrete floor.

As a stable flooring solution, they help to eliminate squeaks, shrinkage, and snagging.

Benefits of I-Joists:

  • Less prone to splitting
  • Less prone to delamination
  • Extremely stable
  • Easy to handle, fix, and nail
  • Quicker to install
  • Spans longer distances
  • Reduces building maintenance


Engineered Timber


Posi-joists provide unequalled design freedom across a wide range of applications for both floor and roof in domestic, industrial, and commercial structures.

They are lightweight, strong, and stable, making installation easy and fast whilst also being engineered and manufactured by our expert team to consistent standards of quality and reliability.