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Charcoal BBQs

Weber Charcoal Barbecues BBQ's available from Haldane Fisher | Northern Ireland  BBQ's

Immerse yourself in authentic barbecuing ambience - the familiar crackling sound and comforting, nostalgic smell of charcoal barbecuing. Control the heat, focus on the process, and reward yourself and your guests with amazingly good food.

For many amateur outdoor chefs a barbecue just isn’t a barbecue without the satisfying glow of hot coals and the detailed preparation that precedes the lighting ceremony.  Charcoal barbecue enthusiasts are a dedicated bunch, who rarely miss an opportunity to cook outdoors, which is why Weber feel so passionate about offering them the very best in quality charcoal barbecues.

Charcoal models have been updated with new features such as black ash catchers, 20cm wheels with new stylish covers and convenient charcoal measuring cups to take the guesswork out of fuelling the barbecue. The range now includes the brand new One-Touch Deluxe, Weber’s first four-legged charcoal barbecue with two thermoset side tables, a convenient Tuck-Away lid holder and two Char-Basket fuel holders.

For more information on our excting range of Charcoal BBQ's please visit or contact you nearest Haldane Fisher branch.

* Please note Weber Charcoal BBQ’s are only available in Haldane Fisher branches in Northern Ireland.


Compact Kettle Barbecue  photo

Compact Kettle Barbecue 47cm and 57cm


  • Compact Kettle Barbecue  photo
  • Compact Kettle Barbecue Lifestyle photo
  • Go Anywhere Barbecue photo
  • Go Anywhere Barbecue Lifestyle photo
  • Mastertouch Charcoal Barbecue photo
  • Mastertouch Charcoal Barbecue Lifestyle photo
  • Mastertouch Charcoal Barbecue Close up photo
  • Performer Charcoal Barbecue photo
  • Performer Charcoal Barbecue Lifestyle photo
  • Smokey Joe Charcoal Barbecue photo
  • Smokey Joe Charcoal Barbecue Lifestyle photo
  • Summit Charcoal Barbecue photo
  • Summit Charcoal Barbecue Lifestyle photo