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Barbecuing Techniques

Indirect - Roasting

Use your barbecue just as you would a regular oven to slow cook succulent roasts, whole fish and even your Christmas turkey!Indirect BBQing

Charcoal: arrange glowing briquettes on each side of the charcoal grate. Pour a little water into a dip tray and place it between the briquette piles. Place the cooking grate on the barbecue and position your food directly above the dip tray.

Gas: Light your barbecue on full and preheat for 5 mins. Switch off the middle burners and arrange your food on the cookinggrate above the unlit burners. Lower the temperature by turning the outside burners to medium, close the lid and wait for perfect results every time.

Weber Q: For Qs with a single burner, preheat on full for 5 mins and then turn down to low before placing your food in the middle of the cooking grate. For Q300/320, turn the middle burner off and the other to medium. For best results use a Weber Roast Holder.

Direct - GrillingDirect BBqing

This is the most commonly used cooking method and is great when cooking smaller cuts of meat, burgers, sausages,and fish in under 20 mins.

Charcoal: Spread the glowing briquettes evenly across the grate, place the cooking grate on the barbecue and arrange the food directly above the hot briquettes.

Gas/WeberQ: light your barbecue on full and leave it to preheat for 5 mins. Then simply place the food on the cooking grate above the burners.

Circular - BakingBaking

Did you know that you can use your barbecue for baking bread, cakes and pizzas?

Charcoal: Simply arrange the hot briquettes in a ring all the way around the edge of the charcoal grate and close the lid.

Gas/Weber Q: To bake on Gas or Q barbecues, simply use the same technique as to roast. For the best results use a WeberStyle Pizza Stone.